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  • Orthaheel for Foot Pain – Benefits of Using Them

    What is an orthaheel? Can it really relieve foot pain?

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    Foot pain? Well, it can now be resolved through the use of a pair of orthaheel shoes. They’re not the same as those ugly but comfortable shoes that you can find from an orthopedic or rehabilitation clinic.

    Can Orthaheel Relieve Foot Pain-

    Benefits of Wearing Orthaheel

    Orthaheel shoes are more fashionable, especially during summer season.

    Orthaheel embraces your curves. They’re not flat, so they won’t cause chronic foot, back and knee pain.

    They are elastic enough to fit any type of feet. And if you have wide calves, you can easily wear them without having to squeeze your legs in your shoes.

    This type of shoe is great for those who are experiencing joint pain and heel pain. Doctors also recommend them to patients suffering from tendonitis.

    What is Orthaheel Exactly?

    It is a type of shoe designed to give you a natural relief from foot, leg and back pain.

    Our feet are designed to walk on soft and natural surfaces. But, in today’s fast-paced life, you can’t expect yourself to be walking on soft surfaces.

    Instead, you’re facing with a problem of walking on hard surfaces that cause your feet to roll over. This results in flatter arches.

    It may also cause misalignment of feet and legs.

    By wearing orthaheel, however, it can relieve your pain without having to take medications for foot pain. As it controls rolling-over, it can help in aligning your feet properly.

    Then again, if the pain persists, you should seek medical treatment.

    Other Benefits

    Orthaheel reduces bunions, leg aches, arch pain, knee pain and back pain. But, just because they are made to benefit your feet, it does not mean that you must endure their ugly look. Unlike other ortho-type shoes, orthaheels are available in fashionable styles.

    Your friends can’t tell that they are orthaheel made of orthotic support.


    Orthaheels only come in medium width, which is quite common for sandals. They are also available only in whole sizes. So, you can’t find a 6.5-shoe or a 8.5-shoe size.

    Getting used to wearing the sandal can be tough for most wearers, especially if they’re not used to wearing ortho-type shoes. However, some wearers do find them comfortable to wear almost immediately.

    Where to Purchase?

    You can find them at or on Amazon here (just click the photo)

    Zappos and FootSmart also sell them. And once you have a pair of orthaheels, you should further relieve your foot pain by using a foot patch.

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