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  • Oprah Winfrey Lost 26 Pounds: Will it Help Improve Weight Watchers’ Stock?

    In January this year, Oprah revealed that she has dropped 26 pounds since starting Weight Watchers’ program. She did it while still indulging in her favorite bread — bread.

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    Oprah Winfrey Lost 26 Pounds: Will it Help Improve Weight Watchers’ Stock?

    Oprah Winfrey revealed that she had lost 26 pounds of weight marking a success, not just for her, but also for Weight Watchers. 

    After she initially announced her involvement in the program last October, the stock in the company increased allowing her to make $2.5 million in profit for every pound that she has lost.

    Then, in her O magazine, she shared the spotlight with other women who are also celebrating their weight loss success. 

    You can see her transformation on the Oprah Magazine’s April 2016 cover. In this issue, Oprah revealed that it was her idea to share the cover of the magazine with the women who are also trying to lose weight.

    But this sharing of the best things in life isn’t new to Oprah as she always wants to know the experiences of other people.

     Over the years, she has been sharing her ups and downs when it comes to the weighing scale.

    [pullquote]For Oprah, losing weight isn’t just about the weight.[/pullquote] It’s actually about something that’s quite bigger. She said that every person who wishes to lose weight was fighting with the wrong tools and looking in the wrong direction.

    But unlike other people who want to lose weight, Oprah is losing weight, but she’s also gaining profit from Weight Watchers. As she loses weight, she has given the company more to gain. With her status in the community, she can quickly rebuild or rebrand Weight Watchers.

    Indulging in Bread

    Even though Oprah has shown to have lost a significant amount of weight, she revealed that she still indulges in bread. Every single day, she eats bread, but she has still managed to lose 26 pounds of weight.

    Weight Watchers Stock Fading

    In February 2016, the Weight Watchers International’s stock is said to be fading. The she tweeted a promotional video about her experience as a customer of said weight loss company; she revealed that she has been eating bread but still losing weight.

    After the release of that tweet, the company’s shares soared. By the end of the day, the stock gained 20 percent from the day before. 

    Oprah is a substantial investor in Weight Watchers. She has 10 percent stake and is given the option to purchase another 5 percent. When she lost 26 pounds of weight, she’d gain $12.5 million on the weight loss company’s stock.

    [pullquote]But the surge of her tweet is already failing.[/pullquote] Following the tweet, the stock has gone flat. But this isn’t new to Weight Watchers as it has lost 45 percent since December of last year.

    For the investors on the outside, the pattern reflects the truth of the weight loss company and its stock. Over the last few years, the company has delivered empty calories to its average portfolio.

    One of its reasons is that the business is shrinking very fast. Its business model is based on monthly subscription fees and providing diet foods to its members. 

    However, the said model is facing an increasing, tighter competition from other weight loss companies and diet apps. Weight Watchers’ membership is declining.

    Some critics are saying that the secret of its success is that its customers will re-enroll when they regain the pounds that they’ve lost. The poster woman for this fact is Oprah Winfrey. She has been battling with her weight for several years.

    Although her recent revelation of her losing 26 pounds of weight may help Weight Watchers’ stock again, it may not help for the long-term. The reason for this is that the public is getting wise. 

    The weight loss company is keeping its head above the water. Its secret is that it has been slimming down its own business by closing offices and reducing its staff.

    During its last quarterly report, it has listed Oprah’s investment as one of the main reasons to keeping its finances floating for the next year.

    Now, a lot of people think that the power of Oprah may help the company in the recruitment part. But it’ll only be temporary. One of its reasons is that Oprah is not the most reliable person when it comes to heath and wellness. She’s been known to promote sources that are discreditable.

    On her magazine, Oprah will be seen joining forces with a legion of women. They all declare their win-win situation for themselves and their bodies. 

    These women have come to understand and appreciate the most valuable asset in their lives, i.e. their health.

    In January this year, Oprah revealed that she has dropped 26 pounds since starting Weight Watchers’ program. She did it while still indulging in her favorite bread — bread.

    Lasting Love for Bread

    Oprah Winfrey is obsessed with bread, but the obsession is nothing compared to her love affair with potatoes. She has been a lover of potatoes for more than four decades. Oprah revealed that she would eat any fried potato and baked potato.

    Her intense desire for this carb doesn’t have to go, according to a spokesperson of Weight Watchers. She could still eat it but still lose weight. However, she must do it with a lot of self-restraint.

    Even though she could resist not eating more potato, she revealed that she’s always not that strong. [pullquote]Thus, she doesn’t keep potato chips in her house. [/pullquote]

    She considers it as a major trigger so you’ll never find potato chips in her house right now. Instead, she opts for a lower-calorie treat, which is her go-to snack.

    She also noted that she’s feeling vibrant. And she’s all up for all the great adventures and ventures that she knows will be coming her way.

    The Future of Weight Watchers

    With Oprah as an investor, most of you can say that Weight Watchers’ stock will be okay. But we all know that it will go down again after the Oprah effect fades. Then, it will rise when another success story is revealed.

    Would you invest on Weight Watchers after this new revelation of Oprah? Why or why not? Please let us know in the comments below.

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