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  • New You Weight Loss Pills Contain Dangerous Ingredients

    You may have heard of New You weight loss pills. Some users considered them as a miracle method that helped them lose weight faster. Recently, the FDA notified the public to avoid this product as it contains two dangerous ingredients that may cause cancer and stroke.

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    New You Weight Loss Pills Have Been Recalled

    Have you heard of the New You weight loss pills? Well, they are sold as a dietary supplement that promised to help you shed some pounds faster.

    But, here’s the thing about this pill: it contains dangerous medications that have been recalled because they can cause heart attack, cancer and stroke.

    Who manufactures New You weight loss pills?

    New You Weight Loss Pills Contain Dangerous Ingredients

    They are sold by New Reflections, LLC and can be bought online. These pills are marketed as an all-natural supplement that aims to suppress your appetite, thereby, helping you lose weight effortlessly.

    Unfortunately, the FDA found sibutramine in these pills when the department tested them. Sibutramine was removed from the market in 2010 because of its negative effects on the cardiovascular system. It could also interact with other synthetic medicines. These pills also include phenolphthalein, which is another ingredient that may cause stroke and cancer.

    New You weight loss pill is just one of the weight loss remedies that contain withdrawn drugs. There are seven more that have been recalled this year.

    If you are taking New You weight loss pill, you need to throw it away immediately. Contact your doctor if you are experiencing side effects.

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