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  • New Year Hangover Cures Including The Best Hangover Cure in the Philippines

    What are the best new year hangover cures? Can balut help in making you feel a lot better? What’s in it that makes it a wonderful hangover remedy?

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    New Year Hangover Cures Including The Best Hangover Cure in the Philippines

    Happy New Year everyone! Are you suffering from a nasty hangover from the New Year’s Eve party? Well, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, there are New Year hangover cures that you can use to finally get back into your routine.

    Bloody Mary and Greasy Food

    Regarded by many as the hair of the dog cure, the mixture of a blood Mary and a greasy food might just do the trick. You’ll feel a lot better when you drink Bloody Mary and eat a full fried chicken and cheeseburger sliders.

    Belly Wash

    This is a blended drink that includes cabbage, beet juice, wasabi, ginger root, spinach, aloe vera, and peppermint liquor. It is served warm to get the full effects.

    Head Banger

    It’s another New Year hangover cure that includes banana, honey, spinach juice, asparagus juice, lentils, kidney beans and cayenne pepper. Head Banger also includes green tea extract and garlic.

    How about an IV therapy?

    Yes, there are clinics that offer IV fluids to cure hangovers. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, there’s no one clinic that offer such cure. The treatment isn’t cheap but it offers the same promise as other cures, i.e. to help you feel a lot better.

    Best Hangover Cure in the Philippines

    Balut is touted as the best hangover cure, at least in the Philippines, that contains cysteine. It’s a substance that breaks down toxins in the liver. This cure is a poached fertilized duck embryo that you can trust to hep your hangover from last night’s party.

    Since hangover is just the result of losing electrolytes, you can eat a banana the night before and another the following morning. Or you can choose natural sugars and vegetables. You may opt to eat kale and consume fruits with different colors. For example, you can make strawberries and blueberries smoothies. They can easily mask the taste of kale.

    To make your smoothies a lot tastier, you can add coconut water. This will surely make the smoothie tastier while it gives you an extra dose of electrolytes.

    Don’t Drink Alcohol

    The best way to avoid hangover is to keep away from drinking alcohol in the first place. However, if you couldn’t avoid it, take the tried-and-true recommendation of preventing hangover, i.e. eating something before you even drink. And while you’re drinking your favourite vodka, you should also eat.

    To get rid of the alcohol in your system easily, you should consider drinking up to one glass per hour. This will prevent the alcohol from accumulating in your system. However, the one drink per hour will depend on the height or the body size of the drinker. Bigger people can handle another glass of drink per hour while smaller people might consider drinking half a glass an hour.

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