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  • New HIV/AIDS Facility in the Philippines

    There’s a new HIV/AIDS facility in the Philippines. Where is it located? How it can help in preventing this disease?

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    New HIV/AIDS Facility in the Philippines

    The Department of Health has announced a new HIV/AIDS facility in the Philippines and it’s located in Cabanatuan City. This is the first facility in this province to cater patients with HIV and AIDS. It’s supported by the different agencies in the community.

    The first-ever HIV/AIDS facility is called Tahanan, which is made possible to inform the public about the dangers of this disease and how to prevent it. It will also be used to help the Philippines in achieving zero infections, zero discrimination and zero deaths related to AIDS.

    Currently, the Philippines experiencing a ratio of 30 people in one day infected with the virus. This will translate to 690 infected patients in a month. Out of those 690, 52 of them are in Nueva Ecija.

    In Bicol, there are 96 new cases of HIV/AIDs reported. This is an alarming rate. One is still too many because it’s a sexually transmitted disease. It’s also very infectious. Since last year, the Bicol region reported to have 30 patients diagnosed with this medical condition and 18 of the 30 have succumbed to full-blown AIDS.

    On December 1, 2015, the Philippines conducted nationwide forums for students from various colleges and universities to discuss the causes of this disease and how to avoid it.

    The National Capital Region is still the number one region with the most number of HIV/AIDS cases in the country.

    In General Santos City, a pregnant woman just died of AIDS-related disease. This case added to the total number of fatalities related to HIV/AIDs cases in the country this year alone. Since March, she was the 18th person to die with this disease in the Philippines. Her husband was also diagnosed to have this condition. The report, however, did not say if the woman’s unborn child was saved.

    In observance of the World AIDS Day, the government held free HIV screening in various parts of the country.

    The HIV/AIDS facilities in the Philippines will help the country in preventing the spread of the disease. HIV testing is still considered as the strong foundation for the prevention of the virus. By early identification of infection, the patient could take action to his/her health. Early treatment will also reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others. With effective treatment, prevention of this disease will be realised but it requires retention in care and adherence to the therapy. 

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