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  • Apply These Natural Remedies to Improve Cold Sores Inside Lip

    Cold sores inside lip can be treated using these natural remedies that can also boost health and wellness.

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    Lips with cold sores

    Cold sores inside your lip are caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). They can be transmitted from one person to another through kissing. They remain contagious even if they are not seen.

    During the initial infection, the symptoms tend to be severe because your body is still building up its defense against the virus. Your goal when you have cold sores inside lip is to ensure that they will stay away. 

    Once you have the virus, make sure to do everything you can to prevent flare-ups. However, if you are experiencing a burning sensation that can indicate a cold sore, consider these home remedies. By taking the proper steps, you can shorten the healing time of your painful cold sores inside lip.

    1. Apply Ice 

    The first aid for cold sores inside lip is applying ice directly to the sores. Ice will reduce the swelling while it alleviates the pain. Using this strategy on the first sign of tingling will make the sore small. 

    Or you may damp tea bag to provide relief. Opt for Earl Grey tea bags as they contain bergamot oil and tannins. 

    2. Use Lemon Balm

    It can treat the virus. It contains essential oils that inhibit the virus. In some studies, they showed that patients with recurrent cold sores inside lip who applied lemons balm ointment regularly experienced less frequent outbreaks. Some of them even stopped having sores. 

    3. Dab with a Tincture of Myrrh

    Myrrh is known to attack the virus causing herpes. Use a tincture of myrrh and dab your sores with it on a cotton bud. 

    4. Mix Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil 

    Tea tree oil contains natural antiseptic properties. In fact, it is 13 times more powerful than carbolic acid, a common germicide. 

    Besides tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil is also an effective natural remedy for cold sores. It contains high antiviral properties. 

    If you are trying to mix tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, make sure that you do not ingest them as they are highly toxic. 

    5. Use Calendula

    Calendula or pot marigold contains antiviral properties. It does not only cut the outbreak duration but it also stops the sore from erupting. To use it, make a tea by adding three tablespoons of calendula petals to 250 ml of water. Steep for 15 minutes before straining it. Apply the mixture to the sores every hour. 

    6. Eat Yogurt 

    Yogurt contains live acidophilus bacteria. They are known to inhibit the growth of the herpes simplex virus causing cold sores. 

    Boost Your Immune Function and Health and Wellness

    When there is an outbreak, you may take echinacea tablets. Echinacea is known to bolster immune function so it can fight against the virus. 

    Another way to boost your immune function is to take quercetin. It contains flavonoid that can speed up the healing time of cold sores inside lip. 

    You may also use propolis. It has a powerful effect on the virus. Apply it onto the sores before they erupt. Doing so will reduce their incidence. 

    What other things you must know about cold sores inside lip? Here’s a video:

    What to do When You have Cold Sores Inside Lip? 

    Make sure to prevent the sore from bleeding or cracking. Once it has crusted over, cover it with petroleum jelly. 

    You may also apply creams with chamomile or chickweed. Or you may opt to apply pawpaw ointment. 

    How to Prevent Cold Sores Inside Lip? 

    1. Take lysine supplement. It is especially true if you get cold sores more than three times a year. 

    2. Avoid eating food that contains a high amount of arginine. It is an essential amino acid that allows the virus to thrive. You should also avoid peas, nuts, cola, gelatin, and chocolate. 

    3. Get zinc each day. This mineral can block the growth of the virus. Furthermore, this nutrient is known to boost the immune system. It also bolsters the tissue on your lips making it difficult for the virus to thrive. 

    4. Use selenium. It has antiviral properties that can reduce the intensity of the sore. 

    5. Avoid stress. It is a common trigger for this condition. If you are prone to cold sores, consider taking regular relaxation sessions. Doing so may help reduce the frequency of the attacks. 

    6. Apply lip balm with SPF of at least 15. It is especially useful if you will be exposing yourself to sunlight. 

    Always remember that cold sores are contagious. If you have cold sores inside lip, do not kiss your partner. Direct contact with your saliva is enough to infect another person. 

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