• How Much Weight Can You Lose With Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Some said that ACV can aid in losing weight. But how much weight can you lose with apple cider vinegar? How different is it from other vinegar?

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    How Much Weight Can You Lose With Apple Cider Vinegar?

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    Apple cider vinegar may help with weight loss because it can help you feel full, resulting in less hunger. When it comes to how much you can lose weight with ACV, it still depends on your overall diet and physical activities.

    To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than what you consume. To lose a pound of weight, for instance, you need to burn 3,500 more calories. Although it’s your diet and exercise that can help and determine how much weight you can get rid of, apple cider vinegar may help in sticking to your health regimen.

    But how can ACV help in weight loss?

    This vinegar affects blood sugar regulation. In a study at the Arizona State University, it was found that by drinking it before eating would cause little change in the blood glucose level after meals. It’s especially true if you’ve taken it before eating a high carbohydrate meal. Typically, your blood sugar level spikes after eating a carbohydrate-filled meal.

    Various studies showed that this vinegar regulates blood sugar levels in different ways. One theory is that the acetic acid in it blocks enzymes that metabolize starches for digestion. As a result, it won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of that, you can avoid a rapid increase in the blood sugar level. That way, you can keep a healthy diet.

    ACV will make you feel full.

    One of the reasons we gain weight is that we tend to overeat. And ACV can help in fighting back overeating by making you feel full after a meal. In that case, you won’t reach for unhealthy snacks hours laters.

    In a Swedish study, it found that when people consumed vinegar with a meal, they felt an increased level of satiety after eating. Although the study was performed on a small group of people, it could help explain how vinegar consumption promote healthy body weight.

    Because it helps you feel full for a longer period, you can easily control your appetite. That said, you can stop craving for junk foods. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar could act as a natural appetite suppressant.

    When your blood sugar drops, you’ll crave for sugary foods. But the acetic acid in ACV will keep the sugar levels steady. Thus, if your blood sugar levels are maintained, sugar cravings are minimized. In other words, ACV can help you prevent binging later in the day.

    Another way ACV can help with weight loss is that it regulates insulin. When you consume vinegar with a meal that’s high in carbs may improve your insulin sensitivity, especially in people with type 2 diabetes.

    When there’s proper regulation of insulin in the body, it can be beneficial in managing your weight. Thus, ACV is useful for diabetics.

    Studies showed that reversing type 2 diabetes can be achieved by simply dropping pounds. By drinking ACV, you can achieve your weight loss goal.

    ACV is useful for individuals with diabetes as it helps in controlling blood glucose and insulin sensitivity. However, you need to consult with your doctor first. Keep in mind that since vinegar reduces blood glucose levels after eating if you take meds that lower blood glucose levels, you might experience hypoglycemic episodes.

    Can it melt fats?

    In a 2009 study, it showed that continuous intake of this vinegar reduces BMI and body fat mass. Researchers found that the acetic acid in vinegar helps in breaking down of fats. However, they recommended that further studies must be conducted to know how ACV could result in weight loss.

    How about improving metabolism?

    In Japan, an animal study was conducted, and researchers found that vinegar consumption could increase production of the fat burning enzymes. But more research is necessary to explain further how it affects body’s fat burning ability in humans.

    How Much Weight Can You Lose With Apple Cider Vinegar?

    But why should you choose ACV over other vinegar?

    Apple cider vinegar has unique properties. ACV has higher mineral and vitamin content than ordinary vinegar. Since it’s from apple, it contains natural antioxidants, nutrients, and polyphenols.

    Furthermore, ACV contains pectin, which increases satiety that can help in weight loss. ACV is available in filtered and unfiltered. Experts stated to choose which type you want. But unfiltered contains the potent medicinal properties of the vinegar because of the leftover bacteria coming from the fermentation process.

    Consumption of ACV to reap its benefits

    Because ACV’s health benefits go beyond weight loss, it’s a healthy addition to your meal, especially if you have a tummy problem. To use it, you can add it to an ounce of water or in a marinade.

    You can even use it in smoothies or DIY BBQ sauce.

    But most dietitians suggest drinking diluted apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach before eating your meals can help in reducing insulin or glucose spikes. Avoid drinking undiluted ACV, though. The reason for this is that it’s still acidic, which can damage throat and tooth enamel.

    Are there side effects of drinking ACV?

    ACV is acidic. Thus, it’s bad news for those with acid reflex or suffering from heartburn. As mentioned earlier, it can damage throat and irritate esophagus as it goes down. Because there’s too much acid in your stomach, it can cause reflux. That said, it’s better for you to stick to your fiber-rich diet and consume probiotics.

    Just because ACV can help in weight loss, don’t make it as an excuse to indulge. Always keep in mind that it’s not a magic vinegar that can erase your fats so you can lose weight. It doesn’t work in canceling the effects of unhealthy foods.

    It’s true that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. But it doesn’t directly cause weight loss. How much weight you can lose with apple cider vinegar will depend on the number of calories you burn versus the calories you eat.

    Don’t focus on ACV. Instead, eat clean food and exercise every day. If you want to incorporate it into your diet, make sure to do it in moderation. You might want to avoid it if you have heartburn or diagnosed with GERD.

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