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  • 8 Mother’s Day 2015 Eating and Being Healthy Gift Ideas

    Here are some great Mother’s Day 2015 gift ideas to encourage your mother/wife to start or maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

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    8 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2015

    For this Mother’s Day 2015, why not give the most special, important woman in your life a gift that enhances her quest of being healthy? Here are gift ideas that can support your mother or wife in starting eating healthy foods or maintaining a healthy lifestyle by being healthy.

    1. Dark chocolate

    This is an ideal Mother’s Day 2015 gift idea for mothers with sweet tooth. Eating healthy with dark chocolate offers a health punch.

    But you must opt for a chocolate with at least 75% cocoa. It may taste bitter but it is not too sugary. It also contains less amount of saturated fat.

    Dark chocolate is shown to decrease heart disease risk, including stroke. Not only that. This sweet treat can also protect your skin while improving blood circulation.

    2. Gift bag

    A Mother’s Day 2015 gift bag is another great idea. You just need to load it up with a few things that your mother or wife can use for the gym. It may include sports bottle, workout attire, and a pedometer.

    If you have extra budget, you can add an iPod that is loaded with your mother’s or wife’s favorite workout music.

    You may also add a canister of protein shake for her quest of eating healthy and being healthy.

    3. Fruit basket

    This is another way to encourage your wife or mother to start eating healthy. You can search online and find websites that offer edible fruit arrangement. Make sure that includes fruits rich in antioxidants.

    4. Gift basket

    This Mother’s Day 2015 idea may be the same as the fruit basket option. However, it will not focus on filling the basket with fruits. Rather, you may include some low-calorie cookbook, health bars, essential oils and a subscription to an eating healthy magazine. You may also add a personalized journal that can help her track her diet and progress to being healthy.

    5. Pilates session

    If your mother or wife is a fan of yoga or Pilates, you may give her a personal training gift certificate that lets her attend a few private sessions of yoga and Pilates. This is a wonderful way to encourage her to set up a one-on-one session during her leisure time.

    6. Spa

    Another great Mother’s Day 2015 idea is to give your mother or wife a spa weekend getaway. This will include facial, manicure/pedicure and a whole body massage. Although you can give her a gift certificate, it will surely touch her heart if you go with her.

    7. Healthy meal

    You may treat her at a restaurant that promotes eating healthy. Or you may find nutritious recipes online that encourages being healthy. Prepare them on your own and surprise your mother or wife. You can serve turkey bacon or hearty recipes. The eating healthy options online are endless.

    8. Exercise equipment or gym membership

    If your mother or wife is an active woman, you may consider giving her sporting equipment this Mother’s Day 2015. What type of equipment? Well, it depends on the sport she is in. Does she play tennis? Does she attend yoga or Pilates? How about biking or paddling? Giving her a specific equipment for her favorite being healthy activity is a sure delight.

    Or you can just give her a gym membership. This is ideal if your mother or wife is already a member of a gym or if she wants to renew her membership in a certain gym. To further give her a boost to start eating healthy and practice being healthy, buy a membership yourself to work out as a team.

    So, here you go. These gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015 will surely encourage your recipient to start eating healthy.

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