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  • Models in France Will Need a Doctor’s Approval to Work

    If ultra-thin models in France don’t comply, they will face prison sentences and hefty fines. Officials are hoping that the regulation will promote wellness and health and fight against eating disorders among female teenagers.

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    Is this is a great move or a bad move? Models in France must get a doctor’s recommendation to prove that they’re healthy. This is part of the country’s anti-anorexia package of the new public health law.
    Models in France Will Need a Doctor’s Approval to Work

    Furthermore, fashion magazines and advertising companies are now required to label their images as “digitally altered” or “Photoshopped.”

    The French neurologist, Olivier Veran, who spearheaded the anti-anorexia amendments of the bill hopes that it will put an end to the so-called “anorexia chic.”

    Officials are hoping that the regulation will promote wellness and health and fight against eating disorders among female teenagers.

    And models in France who don’t comply will face prison sentences and pay hefty fines. The law states that models who are working in France should provide their employers or agencies with a medical certificate to prove that their health (or thinness) is compatible with modeling.

    Now, if they fail to follow, they will face an $81,000 fine or 75,000 euros. Then, they will also be imprisoned up to six months.

    According to the WHO, individuals with a BMI of less than 18 are considered underweight. So, if you’re 5’6” and weighing 110 pounds, you’re underweight.

    In the previous version of the bill, the average BMI of women in France was 23. However, it was scrapped because it might lead to discrimination during the hiring process.

    Now, the new version of the bill will need doctor’s expertise to determine whether a model is fit for the modeling career. The physician will verify the model’s BMI based on diet history, gender, age, and other factors.

    This new bill must not be considered as a war against thinness, rather it must be a war against malnutrition.

    Olivier Veran, the former deputy who headed the amendment of the anti-anorexia bill, is proud that the country had taken huge steps in regulating the modeling industry. He’s hoping that other countries would follow suit.

    Will the new bill apply to international models?

    Yes, it will.

    International models, like Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio, must need a doctor’s approval before they can walk the runway in the French Republic.

    When the officials were asked about the possibility of those models, who might forge their certificates, Veran said that he trusted all doctors to do their job well.

    When the law is enacted, models who are 5’11” and wearing size 6 clothes would have to be re-evaluated. If those models were found to be guilty of submitting a false certificate, they will face sanctions.

    How about those Photoshopped images?

    The new bill states that images with models that have been Photoshopped in order to look skinnier should be labeled as “Photoshopped” or “digitally altered.”

    How much is the fine? It will be 37,500 euros or $40,600.

    An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people living in France are suffering from anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder that has a higher mortality rate. Almost all of these sufferers are adolescents.

    What do you think of this law about models in France? Do you concur?

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