• Miss Universe Organisation and Smile Train Forged Partnership

    The Miss Universe believes in what Smile Train represents – hope, joy, perseverance and transformation.

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    Miss Universe Organisation and Smile Train Forged Partnership

    The world’s largest cleft charity, the Smile Train, and the Miss Universe Organisation will partner to increase awareness of the problems faced by kids living with unprepared clefts, especially in the developing world, like the Philippines.

    This new partnership will offer opportunities for the current Miss Universe and international title holders to be involved with the global initiatives of Smile Train in more than 85 countries. The President of the Miss Universe Organisation believes what the charity organization represents:

    “We truly believe in what Smile Train represents – hope, joy, perseverance and transformation. We are extremely proud to work with an organization that is committed to delivering a positive impact to the communities in which we work, and are steadfast in our commitment to help support their efforts and long-term sustainability.”

    In developing countries, there are millions of kids living with unrepaired clefts. They have difficulty eating, speaking and breathing. Some of them are also embarrassed to smile. Cleft repair surgery is quite simple and the transformation effect is immediate. With Smile Train, local doctors in the developing world can provide 100% free cleft repair surgery. Since its inception in 1999, the organization has already conducted more than a million of cleft repair surgeries in the world.

    To start the efforts, the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach will meet with the Smile Train’s Director for the Philippines when she visits Manila next week. Pia will have the opportunity to learn more about the charitable organization, its efforts, and local partners who are always around 365 days a year to help cleft patients.

    For more information about the global efforts of Smile Train, please visit its official website.

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