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  • Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Secret

    What’s the real reason of Miranda Lambert’s slimmer figure seen during CMA 2013? Read on to find out her weight-loss secret.

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    Miranda Lambert won the Female Vocalist of the Year during the 2013 Country Music Awards. But it wasn’t her win that caused buzz. Rather, it was her slimmer figure that made her name appeared on Google Trends.

    As she showed off her trophy, she told the reporters that she’s been working out.

    According to her, she has been working out a lot during her 20s (she’ll be turning 30 this Sunday). But her working out didn’t really pay off because she was also eating fast foods and drinking a lot.

    But what did she give up to lose some pounds?

    She said that she didn’t give up a lot. But it was mostly Cheetos and other junk foods. She added that she eats in moderation.

    According to weight loss experts, it’s important to follow a weight-loss program properly and safely. It doesn’t matter what program it is.

    It’s also essential that you find the root cause of your weight gain. From there, you can find a solution that’s good for your health and body. In order to lose weight the healthy way, experts recommend following a regular exercise routine, including cardio and strength training. Getting a good night’s sleep and making healthy diet changes are also essential to lose those extra pounds.

    What Healthy Diet Should You Follow?

    • Instead of eating whole eggs, you must opt for just the egg whites.
    • Ditch the red meat and opt for turkey or chicken.
    • Eat Greek yogurt rather than the regular yogurt.
    • Opt for brown rice, instead of white rice.

    How About Those Living A Busy Lifestyle?

    A portion control-weight loss program, like Herbalife, Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, is especially useful if you’re living a busy life, just like Miranda Lambert. It’s essential if you don’t have the time to cook and prepare your own food on a daily basis. But you’ll surely get into trouble if you follow a diet that involves quick fix, which isn’t healthy at all.

    The science behind losing weight is very simple, according to experts. Cutting 500 calories a day is equivalent to losing 1 pound a week. When you combine diet and exercise, you’ll be able to lose up to 2 pounds.

    Miranda Lambert and Her Slimmer Figure

    Her sexy outfit also helped in showing her slimmer figure. Lambert wore a gown with great color that fits her slimmer body.    

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