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  • Miranda Kerr Weight Loss Secrets – 3 Things To Keep In Mind

    Miranda Kerr is one of the supermodels in the world admired by many. She credited her slim figure through a healthy lifestyle. Find out how she has remained thin after giving birth to her son.

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    Miranda Kerr is one of the supermodels in the world admired by many. Even though she has already a son, she still has this stunning figure that some women have dreamed of. Don’t think that she underwent surgery to remove abdominal fats after she gave birth. She credited her slim figure through a healthy lifestyle.

    Miranda Kerr Weight Loss Secrets – 3 Things To Keep In Mind

    According to her, Dr. John D’Adamo’s blood type eating plan is one of the reasons it was easy for her to lose weight after giving birth. But what’s D’Adamo’s eating plan that makes some women shed significant amount of weight?

    1. Determine ABO blood type

    When determining the right healthy diet plan, you should know your ABO blood type. Keep in mind that each blood type has specific diet to follow in order to lose weight. In the case of Miranda Kerr, she needs a vegetarian diet because her blood type, A, requires consumption of organic foods.

    2. Eat low-GI food

    In addition to eating mostly organic foods or items that are in their natural state, she also eats foods with low glycemic index but high in alkaline.

    3. Avoid meat

    Although Miranda Kerr suffered anemia when she was growing up, she avoids meat consumption. She only eats it when it’s needed. Where does she get her iron? According to her, she consumes foods high in iron in replacement of meat.

    Will her weight loss routine work for you as well?

    You must realize that everybody is different. Just because it works for her doesn’t mean it’d work for you. The rule of thumb here is to go with a diet plan that’s specifically made for you.

    Miranda Kerr also believes that her stunning, slimmer figure is the result of taking the right supplements. Although she’s very thin, she’s not sickly. She takes supplements, like coconut oil, Noni juice and berry powder.

    But if you’re already following some of her weight loss tips and nothing has changed, then you might want to examine your plan:

    1. Exercise

    Do you exercise regularly? Cutting down calories isn’t enough when trying to lose weight. With the addition of exercise to your routine, you’re boosting your metabolism allowing your body to burn calories faster.

    You should include cardio exercise and strength training to look more beautiful. If you can exercise every day, then that’d be better. But make sure that you alternate cardio and strength training.

    2. Eat small portion of your favorite food

    If you’re banning your favorite food, say chocolate, to your weight loss meal, then you’ll never achieve your goal. Miranda Kerr, for instance, still indulges in chocolates once in a while. The trick here is to stick to your weight loss diet and treat yourself once a week with a small amount of your favorite food.

    3. Don’t skip meals

    Skipping meal isn’t a solution to a healthy weight loss. If you’re too busy to prepare breakfast, you can just prepare a healthy shake and add a piece of fruit to your plate. In this way, your blood sugar won’t drop and you won’t be feeling so desperate to eat sugary snacks later in the day.


    When you follow these weight loss tips, you shouldn’t expect to have the same body as Miranda Kerr after a few days. You must allow this diet plan to work for a few weeks. There’s no magic solution when it comes to losing weight.

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