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  • Miley Cyrus Thinks Marijuana is Good for the Health

    Miley Cyrus loves smoking marijuana and thinks it’s good for her health while she considers social media as bad. Why? Can science back her up?

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    Why Miley Cyrus Thinks Marijuana is Good?

    Miley Cyrus Thinks Marijuana is Good for the Health

    Miley Cyrus Smoking Marijuana

    Miley Cyrus didn’t deny about her smoking weed habit.

    She thinks that social media, like G+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are more harmful to your brain and health than drugs.

    You may think she’s wrong. But science backed up her claims.

    Pot-smoking Miley

    When Miley was asked during one of her interviews about her thoughts that drugs could damage her brain, Miley responded by asking the interviewer if he knew what hurts her brain?

    Miley answered back: Googling yourself.

    According to her, sitting and reading comments on Instagram or Facebook can hurt your brain.

    She said that her 14-year old sister receives negative comments, like calling her a slut.

    For Miley, that scenario can hurt your brain more than what weeds can.

    Marijuana is not bad

    Miley Cyrus isn’t shy about posting her pictures smoking weed. She said that she was brought up knowing that marijuana wasn’t bad.

    What does science have to say about it?

    Studies about the effects of marijuana in the brain are very limited.

    However, scientists believed that long-term effects of it are subtle.

    In fact, some doctors prescribe weeds to their patients as a form of medicine.

    On the other hand, multiple studies confirmed that using social media can severely damage physical and mental health.

    In some studies, researchers confirmed that Twitter is more addicting than smoking cigars.

    They also added that Facebook can cause depression and destroy self-confidence of the user.

    Then, there are studies about the long-term exposure to radiation from mobile phones and WiFi can cause life-threatening conditions, such as brain damage and cancer.

    Should you smoke weed for your health?

    Weeds or marijuana can provide us with health benefits. Some studies showed that it can treat and even prevent eye diseases.

    Lowers intraocular pressures

    Marijuana can lower intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. This will help in slowing down progression of the disease, thereby, delaying blindness.

    Increases lung capacity

    In addition to that, marijuana is said to increase lung capacity, instead of decreasing it. Studies showed that pot users experienced an increase in their lung capacity compared to those who smoke cigars.

    Prevents cancer from progressing

    And it may prevent cancer from progressing. This is according to California Pacific Medical Center situated in San Francisco.

    The cannabidiol in marijuana can turn off ID-1, which cancer cells create more copies to spread the cancerous cells throughout the body.

    Alleviates anxiety effects

    Then, there’s the anxiety effect. Scientists believe that the drug can improve the mood of the smoker while it acts as a sedative only in low doses.

    Pot users also claim that marijuana helps them in suppressing nausea and relieving pain.

    Wrapping up

    Miley Cyrus may be right about social media hurting our brain and body. But if we control how we use them, then it’s not a problem.

    As for the weeds, there are mixed reports about marijuana’s health benefits. Since marijuana is a plant, it may be harmless if taken in moderation.

    The link between social media and brain health is not yet validated. The health repercussions of radiation from cell phones must still be further studied to know the real truth.

    Say what you want about Miley Cyrus but I think she’s right about social media’s part in hurting your brain.


    Miley Cyrus thinks social media are more harmful than weeds.

    Health Benefits of marijuana

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