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  • LSD Microdosing – A Trend in Silicon Valley to Improve Productivity

    What the bright minds in Silicon Valley are using to improve their productivity? What is LSD microdosing? What are its effects in the brain?

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    LSD Microdosing – A Trend in Silicon Valley to Improve Productivity

    What’s your morning pick-me-up drink? Most of us would choose coffee, which is known to sharpen minds. However, in Silicon Valley, the brightest brains are no longer dependent on coffee.

    Instead, they opt for lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). They also use magic mushrooms that can help them concentrate and improve their productivity and creativity. They call it as LSD microdosing.

    The young professionals in SC are taking miniscule amount of LSD, ergo, the term microdosing. They said that they benefit from the drug’s sub perceptual effects.

    Experts said that this drug is taken before starting to work. Users can immediately feel a boost in their energy with a little bit of insight without tripping.

    This habit is trending worldwide. In some reports, there’s a steady stream of users originating in the San Francisco area. 1

    The result of microdosing of LSD allows the user to do a little bit better with what they’re doing. In addition to boosting productivity and creativity, LSD is also said to alleviate depression, relieve migraines and chronic-fatigue syndrome. It’s also a healthy alternative to amphetamine.

    There are negative effects of microdosing. But regular users are saying that they are experiencing positive results from taking it while working.

    They compared it to the same effects as coffee does to their body. When they’re using it, they notice that time slows down a bit. Each moment is covered with extra significance. 2

    LSD Microdosing – A Trend in Silicon Valley to Improve Productivity

    But no matter how effective microdosing is, the long-term effects have not been well-researched. For some experts, its effects may be more than a placebo effect considering the dose of the drug.

    And just like the use of illegal drugs, these substances can cause psychotic reactions, paranoia and hallucinations. In fact, the son of Nick Cave was reported to fell from a cliff after he took the drug.

    The drug works by activating a receptor in the brain that fuels a release of a feel-good brain chemical, known as serotonin. The activation creates a domino effect that can lead to other changes in the brain.

    At higher disease, this drug reshapes brain networks causing a hyperconnected brain.


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