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  • Losing Weight After 40

    Losing weight after 40 can be tough. As a result, you start to become obsessed with losing weight. You starve yourself by lowering your calorie intake. You also exercise too much. Despite your efforts, you are still not losing weight.

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    Losing Weight After 40 One of the worse things that can happen after your 40th birthday is instant weight gain. It creeps and loads an extra 10 pounds around your belly. Unfortunately, this mysterious fat is stubborn, and it is immune to diet and exercise. That said, losing weight after 40 is tough.

    What happens to your body after reaching 40 will involve the following factors:

    • Hormonal changes
    • Metabolism dropping
    • Losing muscle every year

    And if gaining weight runs in your genes, then it would be harder for you to lose weight. Even if you do not gain weight, you may still gain some inches around your waist.

    Weight gain can be disappointing. As a result, you start to become obsessed with losing weight. You starve yourself by lowering your calorie intake. You also exercise too much. Despite your efforts, you are still not losing weight.

    Why You Are Gaining Weight After 40?

    Gaining weight after 40 can have a lot of reasons. And one of them is hormones.

    Hormones And Weight Gain

    Hormones are usually the culprit for weight gain. They begin to change when you are in the mid-30s to 40s. Changes in your hormones will cause fats to shift to the middle of your body while avoiding areas of your body that you do not care. It is one of the reasons you feel fluffier in your middle.

    Blame It On Your Genes

    Losing Weight After 40

    Specific genes can determine how many fat cells you can have and where they are stored. If your mother or father has love handles, you would soon have them too.


    After reaching 40, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) decreases. During exercise, your expending less energy, thereby, making it more difficult for you to lose weight.

    Muscle Loss

    Every decade, you will lose muscle when you hit your 40s. One of its reasons is that the motor units making up your muscles decline as you age. But the most important factor you are losing muscle is that you are not exercising a lot. Thus, if you do not want to experience muscle loss, you need to exercise regularly.

    How To Stop Gaining Weight And Start Losing Weight After 40?

    If you are already exercising every day, you may need to get more exercise to manage your weight as you get older. To bump up your calorie burn, you may try HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

    However, HIIT may not be ideal for every 40-something individual. The reason for this is that you may be dealing with stress, fatigue or chronic injuries.

    What Can You Do?

    You may wish to try circuit training. It is a mixture of cardio and strength training to keep your heart rate elevated. This exercise builds endurance and strength while you burn more calories than before.

    Adding more time to your workout session will also help. For example, if you usually workout for 30 minutes, try adding ten more minutes to your session per week.

    Or add more frequency to your exercise. That is, you may perform the double cardio workout in the morning while you do strength training later.

    It is also ideal that you become more active each day by adding a couple of walks every day to manage your calories. Doing it this way will help you prevent going overboard with your workout. To know the number of steps you take every day, try using a pedometer or a fitness tracker (I am using Fitbit Blaze).

    Change Your Diet

    When it comes to losing weight, a healthy diet is still an essential factor. By healthy diet, it means that you need to eliminate sugar or reduce your intake. It is also vital that you get rid of processed carbs from your diet.

    Instead, choose to consume more vegetables and fiber while you reduce or cut out alcohol intake. You need to tweak your diet or lifestyle a little without having to starve yourself.

    Should You Hire A Trainer?

    Sometimes, a coach can help you lose weight after you have tried everything, from exercising five times a week to dieting. An expert can give you more specific advice for your current situation.

    Or you may want to consider seeing your doctor and talk about how difficult it is for you to lose weight after 40. Perhaps, the medicines you are taking contribute to your weight gain. If this is your case, your physician will prescribe you a different medication.


    There are things that you can and cannot control to your body as you age. No matter what you do, some things will sag or soften. But keeping your body healthy and fit can make a difference. Aging will happen, whether you like it or not. But you can age more gracefully if you choose to be fit and healthy.

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