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  • Lose Weight and Burn Fats – How Fats Leave Your Body When You Shed Pounds?

    Do you ever wonder where the fats go when you lose weight? Here’s an explanation from Australian researchers.

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    Lose Weight and Burn Fats – How Fats Leave Your Body When You Shed Pounds?

    You diet. You lose weight. You burn fat. But where does the fat go when you’re shedding pounds?

    Are the extra fats converted into energy?

    Are they converted to muscle or excreted as feces?

    You were probably told that way.

    I was, too.

    But, according to Ruben Meerman an Australian TV personality and Andrew Brown of the University of New South Wales, the extra fats are being exhaled when you lose excess weight.

    This is based on biochemistry.

    That said, the extra fats that you lose when exercising and dieting are breathed out as carbon dioxide.

    Simply put. It just goes and vanishes into thin air.


    The extra carbs and proteins in your body are converted into triglycerides, which are composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

    From triglycerides, they’re stored in the fat cells.

    When you’re losing weight, you’ll metabolize those triglycerides, thereby, unlocking the carbon that’s in your fat cells.

    This means that if you wish to lose 10 kilograms of fats, you need to inhale 29 kilograms of oxygen to produce 28 kilos of CO2 and 11 kg of H20.

    This is how the fate of the fat goes.

    These researchers also added that our lungs are the main organs that excrete the extra fats from our body when we’re losing weight.

    The remaining kilos are converted into water and eliminated as sweat, breath, feces, tears, urine and other body fluids.

    Breathe and Lose Weight?

    Just because the primary excretory organ that eliminates fat is our lungs doesn’t mean that we should just exhale more in order to lose weight.

    But those researchers said that breathing more air than what your body needs will only lead to hyperventilation, which will lead to palpitations, dizziness, and fainting.

    So, don’t just breathe more air. Perform fat burning workouts to help you lose your extra fats, especially in the belly.

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