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  • Loneliness May Cause Early Death – How to Avoid It?

    Here’s a reason for you to stop being lonely. A study showed that loneliness can lead to premature death. Learn about why being lonely can cause an early death and what are the things that you can do to avoid being lonely.

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    Loneliness May Cause Early Death

    Are you always alone? Or do you love to be alone all the time? According to a research, loneliness can increase your risk of premature death. 

    We all know that there are dangers of social isolation. And there are also studies showing that married people are healthier than singles.

    In a University of Chicago study, researchers found that social isolation can lead to fight-or-flight stress signaling that can disrupt white blood cells production in our bodies.

    The study revealed that the process is known as monotonic function. The lonelier you are, the greater the negative effects will be in your body.

    In America, more and more people are living alone. The prevalence of this condition is on the rise. In 2013, around 40 percent of the respondents admitted that they felt lonely.

    Because we’re social species, isolation is one of the greatest dangers of health. And there are 45 percent chances of an early death.

    What triggers the social isolation is non-conscious. When we’re lonely, our brains go into a self-preservation mode. Even if you desire to interact with other people, you’re actually feeling the threat of social isolation.

    When our brains are in self-preservation, we behave in an unwanted way towards others.

    Why are lonely people more vulnerable to suffer from a disease? 

    There’s less production of white blood cells. As a result, your immune system is weakened.

    Is being alone and lonely the same? 

    These two are quite different. Loneliness is a situation where you’re looking for someone to fill your time or void in your schedule. Loneliness is also about finding something or someone to fill an emptiness in your heart.

    You’re hoping for a company and you feel depressed because of that.

    You’re also looking for something that’s no longer there. In other words, loneliness is a state of mind where you’re not satisfied being by yourself.

    Being alone, on the other hand, is a positive state of mind. It’s fulfilling. It’s a state of mind where you delight in yourself. It’s blissful and peaceful. You don’t rely on someone but yourself. You’re just happy being alone.

    What can you do when you’re feeling alone? 

    There are tons of ways to fight your loneliness. You can be a volunteer and focus on helping others to keep your mind way from the sad thoughts. When you’re feeding the homeless, you won’t feel lonely. Apart from that, you’ll also fill the void inside you with immense gratitude.

    In addition to volunteering, you can also adopt a pet. It doesn’t matter what it is. But the playfulness of your pet will make you forget about your problems. You can also forget someone you’ve been longing for.

    It’s also ideal to read science fiction book. When you’re reading such book, you’ll fill your sense of adventure. it’ll also boost your confidence.

    Running will also help. In addition to being useful for weight loss, running is scientifically proven to make the runner happier. There’s no need to join the marathon. A 30-minute walk is enough to lift your mood.

    There are other things that you can do to avoid feeling lonely. But these tips can already help you out to avoid the negative side effects of loneliness.


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