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  • Lebron James Weight Loss Secrets

    How did Lebron James manage to lose weight that fast? What type of diet he followed?

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    What did Lebron James do to lose weight fast?

    Lebron James Weight Loss Secrets Slimmed-down Lebron James

    LeBron James lost a lot of weight and it was pretty obvious when he tweeted a photo of him in a slimmed-down frame.

    This caused a lot of interests among those who also wish to lose weight.

    So, everyone was speculating about why he’s trying to lose weight.

    Will it affect his performance on court?

    What was his secret in losing significant amount of weight?

    Lebron James admitted that he’s now following a low-carb diet. It’s a type of diet that trains your body to burn fats for energy, rather than storing those fats.

    Restricting your carbohydrate intake will really help you lose weight as your body is creating a ketosis, which is a metabolic state that tells the body to use fat as its source of energy, instead of relying on glucose.

    As soon as the body is low in carbs, your body produces more ketones to be used as energy.

    Some athletes are told by their fitness gurus to eat a lot of carbs.

    But because of LBJ’s weight loss, they’re now questioning such advice.

    Can anyone do it?

    Anyone can do it. But you must be patient as it takes a month before you can truly adapt to your newly found diet.

    The immediate effect of a low-carb diet is of course weight loss.

    But it’s not the only side effect you can have. Your overall body composition will be better.

    Other advantages will include easy recovery and improved cognition, as well as mental clarity.

    According to experts, the brain is very efficient when it comes to using ketones as a fuel source.

    Low-sugar diet

    Experts believe that a low-carb diet should be replaced with a low-sugar diet, which is also the lifestyle approach of some LA Lakers players.

    Remember Dwight Howard? He reduced his carb intake while he eliminated candy bars from this diet. Whether you’re taking whole grain or not, carbs will still be converted into sugar.

    Key to a low-carb diet

    Athletes who are following this type of diet focus on eating the good fats.

    If you want to be successful in it, you need to obtain the right amount of protein and fats. Too much protein, however, will limit ketone production and too much fats can lead to a lot of health problems.

    When it comes to fats, experts recommend getting monounsaturated and saturated.

    Undergo a series of tests

    Lebron James undergoes a series of tests to make sure that his body is burning fats efficiently.

    What are the risks?

    The low-carb diet is a trendy diet to losing weight. Although ketosis state can help with weight loss, it does come with several potential risks.

    According to experts, this type of diet is high in saturated fats which may cause issues in your blood pressure and lipid levels.

    Experts also believed that overdoing it can put you in danger of having low blood sugars.

    Despite those dangers, many nutritionists believe that Lebron James will become a monster in playing basketball next season. Thanks to his low-carb approach.

    Wrapping up

    I can’t wait until October to find out if Lebron James’ low-carb diet did help him with his performance on court? Will he really become a monster on the court for his Cleveland team?


    Dramatic weight loss of Lebron James

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