• Keeping Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: 5 Proven Ways

    Fresh fruits and vegetables can be kept as fresh as possible by following these tips.

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    Keeping Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: 5 Proven Ways

    Fresh fruits and vegetables can be kept as fresh as possible by following these tips.

    Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is highly recommended by health experts. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to keep them as fresh as possible. In this post, I’ll show you how to maintain the freshness of the fruits and vegetables you just bought.

    Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables #1: Vinegar

    If you want to keep the peeled potatoes, for instance, fresh for three to four days, you need to soak them in a bowl with cold water and a few drops of vinegar.

    This is especially beneficial if you’ve peeled too many potatoes for a certain recipe.

    With this method, you can avoid getting rid of uncooked extras.

    Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables #2: Fork

    When you need to store kale, spinach and other fresh fruits and vegetables, store them in a storage bag along with a stainless steel fork.

    You may also use a stainless knife.

    Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables #3: Tape

    Remember the time when the recipe you’re preparing requires only a few drops of lemon juice?

    If your next recipe requires such, don’t cut the whole lemon.

    Instead, puncture its rind using a toothpick. Squeeze a small amount of juice that you need.

    Afterwards, cover the hole using a tape. Store it in the fridge to keep its freshness when you need it later.

    Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables #4: Oil

    Fresh eggs have a lifespan of a few days. To prolong it for extra four weeks, you can use the paper towel and oil method.

    You can do this by dipping the towel to the vegetable oil.

    Then, rub the shells of the egg and store them in the fridge.

    Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables #5: Plastic bag

    One of the most challenging vegetables is lettuce as it can easily wither.

    To avoid that, you can store it using a plastic bag with a seal.

    Insert a slice of burned toast. The toast’s role is to absorb the extra moisture that causes the leaves to wilt.

    Doing it will help the vegetable to stay crisp for two weeks.

    Keeping fresh milk

    Milk will get easily bitter before its expiration date. But you can extend its life by adding pinches of bicarbonate of soda.

    It reduces the acidity of milk and slows down the rate.

    But no matter how useful bicarbonate is in keeping the milk fresh, you must avoid adding too much of it as you’ll already taste the bicarb when you drink it.

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