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  • John Goodman Weight Loss Result – Who Helped Him Achieve It?

    John Goodman weight loss result was admirable. What he did to lose such amount of weight? Who is training him to shed pounds?

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    John Goodman Weight Loss Result

    During the BFI London Film Festival, one of the most talked of was John Goodman weight loss result. He’s no longer the big, huge actor in Hollywood I’ve known him for.

    He was in the Confessions of a Shopaholic, Evan Almighty and Coyote Ugly (my fave), just to name a few. And he’s known mostly for his being overweight.

    But not anymore.

    For most of his life, John was overweight. Putting too much in his mouth offered him satisfaction. But, three years ago, he felt unhappy about his appearance after seeing his Santa Clause movie.

    For many years, John made a resolution to lose 60 pounds or 65 pounds.

    But he failed to achieve his weight loss goal each time as he’d eat whatever he wanted.

    He admitted that the big key for his extra weight was drinking too much alcoholic beverages.

    Fitness Guru who Helped John Goodman Weight Loss Goal

    To finally meet his weight loss goal, he sought help from Mackie Shilstone, who’s also the trainer of Serena Williams and many other boxers.

    John considered Mackie as the best in the field in providing good weight loss program for those who wish to shed some pounds. After he was set up with a medical-based weight loss program, he lost around 70 pounds.

    He filmed a movie in Germany after losing 70 pounds. At this time, he was still drinking and working out.

    He got on a recumbent bike and elliptical machine but he was still drinking and eating excessive amount of food.

    But after he got back from Germany, he restrained from those habits.

    He had to clear his house first by getting rid of those unhealthy foods as he considered his home to have a bad foundation when it comes to his health.

    His Trainer

    John Goodman weight loss trainer, Mackie, is a small football player, according to John.

    He described him as a walking encyclopedia because of how knowledgeable he is in terms of medical advancements in losing weight, as well as nutrition and vitamins.

    John said that Mackie hooked him up with another trainer to help him create cardio workout program at home.

    He’s also working with a nutritionist and doctors to further assist him in losing weight.

    For his cardio program, John works out on elliptical and recumbent bike for 40 minutes in the morning and another 40 minutes in the afternoon.

    He used to walk but his knees wouldn’t allow him to continue.

    John Goodman weight loss cardio program was paired with strength training using resistance bands.

    He said that the bands were great for him because he could contract and release the band slower allowing him to build up better muscle.

    In addition to those cardio workouts, he also does boxing twice a week.

    He worked with Axel Murillo for his boxing program.

    The boxing program includes two minutes of throwing punches and resting for a minute.

    John said that the boxing program helped his heart up as he learned to twist, turn and throw punches.

    Heart Rate to Burn Fats More Efficiently

    According to John, his dramatic weight loss was a labor of love. The key to his successful cardio workout program was to know his heart rate that could help him burn fats more efficiently.

    In his case, he has to meet 106 to 116 heart rate to torch the most fats.

    He felt good about his weight loss results. Although it would seem that it was a grueling task for him considering his weight, John said that he loved what he’s doing.

    Before, he didn’t care about his weight.

    Now, he just felt good about his new body.

    John as an Alcoholic

    He still considers himself as an alcoholic. He’d find an excuse just to drink alcohol. This is also the reason he broke his Christmas resolution each year to lose weight.

    As regards to stress, he admitted that he’s living a stressful life considering his job as a Hollywood actor.

    John also realized the threat about unemployment in Hollywood. He also said that it’s a miracle that anyone in the movie industry would like to hire me to be part of a movie.

    What He Eats Now?

    He loves making smoothies after an hour of working out. John didn’t disclose about the brand of protein powder and whey powder he’s using.

    Since John is lactose intolerant, he eats soy yogurt and milk. But he doesn’t forget consuming fresh vegetables and eating lean protein.

    He also said that he’s planning to treat himself and eat a kosher hot dog on the fourth of July.

    John isn’t keeping a strict calorie diet but he understands what he can eat and what he can’t.

    John’s weight loss goal is to lose more pounds.

    He’s also aiming for a significant reduction in his body-fat percentage so he could reach his healthy weight and waistline.

    In that way, he could go to stores where real people shop for real clothes.

    Eating as a Problem

    Excessive eating is a huge problem for John ever since he was a kid.

    Food gave him satisfaction.

    Although he played football when he was in his 7th grade, he just grew out of it.

    When he stopped playing that sport, he continued eating.

    Is He Worried About His Dramatic Weight Loss?

    John is known for his excessive weight.

    With his dramatic weight loss, many would think that he’d lose his job and people would look at him differently.

    Although John is afraid of being in the unemployment line, he’s confident that he can act no matter what weight he has.

    He also admitted that he was trying to block out those thoughts about him having a heart attack. John was in denial but now, it’s quite different.

    Will He Continue to Lose Weight?

    He said that he will.

    But he doesn’t congratulate himself too much as this transformation might go away tomorrow.

    I hope that he’ll continue losing weight until he reaches his ideal weight.

    I’m not really a big fan of him but his decision to lose weight for his own health is indeed admirable.



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