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  • Jennifer Lawrence – Is She Focusing on Cardio Workouts Alone?

    Jennifer Lawrence has a lean, fit body. Learn about her cardio workouts and other fitness exercises to get that perfect body for her role as Katniss Everdeen.

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    Jennifer Lawrence and Her Fitness Routine


    Jennifer Lawrence

    We all love Jennifer Lawrence. Not because of her role as Katniss Everdeen on Hunger Games but because of her attitude towards dieting.

    She said that she doesn’t diet or follow a vegan diet, just like Jennifer Lopez.

    Instead, she loves eating junk foods. Although she lied about the part where she said that nothing would motivate her to work out, we still love her.

    Jennifer Lawrence: Cardio Workouts for Hunger Games

    Her personal trainer helped her to get in shape quickly. But her workout routine doesn’t focus on cardio training alone. Instead, her fitness regimen consists of strength training and yoga, in addition to her cardio workouts.Her cardio workouts involve a lot of skipping. This type of cardio helps in enhancing her stamina and endurance, which she will need in that movie.

    Before she performs high-intensity cardio workouts, she starts a 5-minute warm-up. Her cardio workouts include running, hiking, cycling and dance classes. Unfortunately, she doesn’t perform hula-hooping.

    Jennifer Lawrence: Yoga

    Yoga is part of her workout plan during her off-days. This involves a lot of stretching that improves her flexibility. It also helps in relaxing her body in between high-intensity cardio workouts.

    What yoga positions does she perform? She only performs low-intensity yoga, like reverse warriors, planks, chair poses, and tree poses.

    Jennifer Lawrence 20-Minute workout

    Her personal trainer wants her to build up muscles so she can perfectly portray the role of Katniss Everdeen.

    By building up muscles, she has burned more calories. Her strength training workout includes push-ups and sit-ups.

    Why the mixture of workouts?

    Alternating fitness routines will avoid her body from “plateauing.”

    Hence, it’s important that we mix up our workout regimen each week.

    She does cardio workouts during the first day. Then, goes to strength training the next day. The third day includes a mixture of cardio and strength exercise. And on the fourth day, she does yoga.

    Becoming lean

    Some people call her fat. For us, she’s lean and healthy. Her cardio training and strength training allow her to stay in great shape, despite her love for junk foods.


    During her interview on Elle last December 2012, JLaw admitted that she wouldn’t starve herself to stay lean or lose weight.

    Rather than starving and depriving herself of pizza, fries, baked potatoes, and the likes, she practices portion control.

    Although she loves eating junks while watching reality TV, she’s still sexy. Thanks to her workout routine.

    Wrapping up

    Jennifer Lawrence’s workout routine is not as rigid as Jennifer Lopez’. But she still ends up having a lean body. Thanks to her personal trainer who came up with a plan that JLaw would likely follow.

    Her workout routine is a mixture of cardio workouts, strength training, and yoga.

    Even though she considers herself as fat, her 130-pound weight doesn’t say so. Bear in mind that she stands 5’9”. With that height and weight, we can say that she’s in her ideal weight.

    Her workout plan is simple. This is because she doesn’t aim to be skinny, just lean.

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