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  • Is Weight Loss the Only Reason to Exercise?

    No, it’s not. In fact, if weight loss is your only reason to exercise, you might not succeed in that goal. Learn why & other reasons you should work out.

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    Is Weight Loss the Only Reason to Exercise?

    Weight loss is just one of the reasons people exercise. But there are plenty of reasons to exercise. To succeed in losing weight through exercise, weight loss shouldn’t be the only motivation you have.

    What Other Reasons You Should Consider Exercising?

    Reduces Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

    Exercising when you have Aunt Irma may be the last thing you’d want to do.

    However, exercising is a proven way to alleviate our crappy mood, soothe the aches and pains associated with PMS.

    Some of us tend to get depressed when Aunt Irma is coming. But depression can be alleviated through exercise.

    Exercise isn’t only a great alternative to weight loss surgery but it’s also a wonderful natural ant-depressant.

    Studies after studies showed that just being physically active can keep depression at bay.

    And there’s no need for you to go to the gym and lift those weights for hours.

    A moderate walk or jog for 30 minutes can do the trick.

    Feel More Energized

    Do you feel exhausted all the time? You might want to check with your doctor.

    Or you might want to get up, grab an exercise outside.

    Exercise is an effective way of boosting your energy and helping you break the cycle of exhaustion.

    When you start moving every day, you’ll feel energized and help you get through the day without feeling fatigued.

    And not only that.

    You’ll also feel happier. That said, if you’re feeling down and sad, all you need is to get off the bed and start moving, rather than watching your favorite drama movies.

    Sleep Better and Relieve Stress

    If you can’t sleep better at night, it might be time for you to exercise.

    In addition to weight loss, exercise is also great at keeping your circadian rhythm right on track.

    However, even if working out is great for patients with insomnia, you shouldn’t exercise a few hours before bedtime as it can have a negative effective to your circadian rhythm.

    Apart from sleep, exercise is also a natural stress reliever.

    It can help clear out the stress hormones in your system, thereby, making you feel relaxed and calm throughout the day.

    Boost Cardiovascular Function and Creativity

    Exercise is known to reduce any type of diseases related to the cardiovascular function.

    Any type of workouts can strengthen the heart muscles, thereby, decreasing your risk of suffering from a heart attack.

    And did you know that working out can tap into your creativity?

    Why do you think Steve Jobs used to hold walking meetings? It turns out; walking indoor or outdoor can improve creative thinking of a person.

    So, bring out your phone and record your ideas while you walk.

    Strengthens Muscles

    By the time we reach the age of 30, we also reach our peak bone and muscle mass.

    And when we’re reaching our 40s, we’re beginning to lose it.

    But with proper exercise, you can slow down that process or even reverse it.

    And when your bones and muscles are stronger, you can easily achieve your weight loss goal.

    Of course, these aren’t the only reasons you should exercise. There are plenty more benefits that would make you get up and start moving.

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