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  • Is Organic Coffee Better?

    Organic coffee uses natural fertilizers. But is it better than conventional coffee? Can you use it as coffee enemas?

    September 6, 2019


    roasted organic coffee beans

    Drinking organic coffee may make a difference in your health. It is especially true if you drink cups of coffee each day. 

    Coffee, per se, is one of the most sprayed crops in the world. In that case, if you are fond of drinking Java in the morning, you are likely to ingest those pesticides, which will not do your body any favors. 

    Pesticides, as we all know, can be toxic. They can cause skin irritation, lethargy, allergy reaction, and headaches. Although the negative effects will not manifest immediately, the most severe consequences would show up over time. 

    Furthermore, non-organic coffee could affect hardworking people that crop coffee. The reason for this is that they are exposed to chemicals that can linger in the air. 

    Thus, they breathe in harmful compounds while some chemicals can enter into local water sources. In other words, innocent people could end up consuming polluted water. 

    In addition to that, the most common way to decaffeinate coffee involves the use of chemical solvents, like ethyl acetate or dry cleaning fluid. 

    Drink Organic Coffee Instead 

    When you choose organic coffee, you are consuming a beverage without pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. It tastes better than conventional coffee. It is richer in flavor and it is higher in antioxidants. 

    In that case, when you drink organic coffee, it is a win-win for you and the farmers. The Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak that we sell here is organic. It contains no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Rather, the coffee beans eaten by Civet are grown using organic fertilizers. As it uses organic farming, it can fight against climate change by emitting less carbon. 

    Is Organic Coffee Worth It

    washed coffee beans

    As mentioned earlier, organic coffee beans are richer in antioxidants. Once you get a taste of them, you will immediately know the difference. 

    Is Organic Coffee Less Acidic 

    The acidity of coffee depends on the roast’s intensity. The darker the roast is, the better. Thus, consider dark roast organic coffee is it keeps the acidity down. 

    French Roast is the most effective way of breaking down the acids. However, if you like Medium Roast, focus on the coffee’s country of origin, as well as the brewing method. 

    The best brewing method to lower the acidity of a coffee is to cold-brew it. Exposing the coffee grounds to hot water will result in the release of oils that will not dissolve at lower temperatures. The oils are acidic. This acidity makes coffee bitter. 

    Cold-brewed coffee is less acidic than hot-brewed. Without the acid, the burnt flavor in the hot-brewed coffee is gone. The reduced acid is not only good for your teeth but also to your stomach. 

    But keep in mind though that some organic coffees are not certified. The reason for this is that the certification process can be expensive. Plus, it is expensive for the farmer and the roaster, as well as the trucking companies. 

    And to answer your question whether or not it is healthier for you, organic coffee is one of the ways for you to boost your health and wellness. You cannot go wrong with it. 

    However, it does not mean that regular or conventional coffee is worse. It is just that organic coffee beans do not have synthetic substances. 

    Can You Use Organic Coffee as Enema

    Most people who drink their morning cup of coffee would cause them to visit the bathroom and have their bowel movement. It is the same method applied to those who are using coffee enemas in emptying their bowels. 

    However, before trying coffee enemas, you must first know that this method does not have sufficient research to support it. Furthermore, there are side effects that you must consider that often cancel its benefits. 

    Indeed, coffee enemas can be a great alternative to relieve constipation or when you need to prepare for a procedure. However, doctors do not recommend them. 

    Enema, per se, involves the insertion of liquid in the rectum to relieve constipation for a procedure that can help doctors in looking at the bowel. 

    Most people utilize several substances for an enema. You can use water with mineral oil or water with soap. But some people have tried using coffee enemas. Then again, this method is not recommended as it can be dangerous. 

    Coffee Enemas Evidence

    In 2014, a study published about the use of coffee enemas to prepare for endoscopy. The researchers found that the visibility of the small intestines was better in participants who used coffee enemas before the procedure. 

    However, there was an article that detailed the case of inflammation of the rectum of a patient who utilized coffee enemas. The authors reported that coffee enemas caused death because of electrolyte imbalances and bacterial infection. But this could happen after frequent use of coffee enemas. 

    Because of the conflicting research about coffee enemas, doctors do not suggest or recommend it as an alternative method to evacuate the bowels before a procedure. You can use those commercially prepared enemas as they are safer, even for occasional constipation. 

    If you do wish to use a coffee enema, make sure that the coffee you are using is organic. Otherwise, you are only introducing pesticides and other harmful chemicals to your bowel. 

    The purpose of it is to stimulate your liver. The stimulation increases its detoxification action, thereby, decreasing the toxic on the liver. In other words, it removes a variety of toxins from the blood. It can stop to overburden a sluggish liver. 

    But coffee enemas are not for everyone. Even if you used organic coffee, it can still cause some serious side effects. It can result in hypertension and tachycardia, as well as chronic diarrhea. 


    Organic coffee is better than conventional coffee as it tastes great and it contains a lot of antioxidants. However, it does not mean that regular coffee is worse. 

    And if you use coffee enemas to prepare yourself for a procedure that requires emptying of your bowel, then make sure that you are using organic coffee. However, coffee enemas are not safe for everyone. It is better to just use commercial enemas. 

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