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  • Is Fasting Effective for Losing Weight

    Fasting requires eating little to no food, thereby, causing you to lose weight. But is it effective in helping you achieve your weight loss goal? Should you start following this method to lose the extra pounds?

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    Can Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

    Is Fasting Effective for Losing Weight

    Fasting is usually done for religious reasons. But for some people who are obsessed with weight loss, they use it to purge tons of fats from their body.

    However, is it an effective way to lose weight?

    Here’s the truth: No.

    Although it’s true that it can result in weight loss because you’ll eat little to no food, the result is temporary.

    Not only it’s temporary. Its risks overshadowed its benefits, if there’s any. That said, you’re causing more harm to your body’s ability to lose weight than good.

    On the other hand, there are fasts that can be perfectly safe for you. These are fasting methods supervised by your doctor.

    In religious set-up, the fasting only lasts within 2 days. But the intention is not to lose weight.

    What are the dangers involved when you fast more than 48 hours?

    You’ll lose weight but it also means you’ll be suffering from quite a lot of health problems, such as muscle loss and fatigue. Headaches, weakness, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, diarrhea, and problems with kidneys and liver may also arise.

    While you’re in fasting mode, your body also goes into a conservation mode. This greatly affects your metabolism.

    As soon as you go back to eating, you’ll regain the pounds you’ve lost and your body begins to store more fat as your metabolism gets slower.

    And the longer you fast, the risks get more complicated.

    Bottom Line

    You don’t need to fast to lose weight. In fact, you need food to lose weight as food is your fuel so your body can work more efficiently.

    Choose to follow a healthy eating plan that you can tag along long-term.

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