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  • Is Coffee Better Than a Nap?

    Coffee offers a lot of benefits. But should you drink a cup of Joe instead of taking a nap? Here are some situations where coffee is better than getting some sleep.

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    Which one should you choose: coffee or siesta

    Is Coffee Better Than a Nap?

    Coffee is healthy without the cream and sugar. It is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients that can surely boost your health and protect you against several diseases, like heart problems and skin ailments.

    One of its benefits is its ability to improve your energy levels. But should you depend on coffee or simply take a nap to help you feel less tired?

    Both the caffeine in coffee and sleep offer uplifting properties. Let’s take a look at the different situations where coffee is better than sleep/nap (and vice versa).

    Coffee is Better When…

    You want to improve your endurance.

    This is because caffeine can heighten your stamina and enhance your speed. It is estimated that coffee can perk up your performance by up to 3%. If you are participating in a race, you might want to drink a cup of Joe an hour before the competition. But do not drink more than two cups of coffee, however. Keep in mind that this beverage is diuretic. You do not want to urinate every now and then when the race is on, do you?

    You have a headache.

    Okay, this must be paired with analgesic. Coffee does not treat headache. However, studies showed that caffeine promotes proper absorption of pain relievers. Then again, if your headache is triggered by too much caffeine in your system, then you better avoid it.

    Sleep is better when…

    You want to ace in your examination.

    Sleeping or taking a nap improves your ability to store information. Thus, if you want to do well in your examination, then you better get some rest.

    You need to create new ideas.

    Sleep can facilitate you in creating new ideas for your project. You cannot discover new ones if you’re sleep-deprived, no matter how many cups of coffee you’re drinking. REM sleep is believed to connect one idea from another, thereby, improving your creative insight.

    What if you’re sleep-deprived?

    You need both coffee and a nap. Gulp down a cup of coffee an hour before taking a nap. When you wake up, you’ll surely feel contented.

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    Rod Jong Rod Jong is a BS Chemistry graduate who believes that people must start consuming foods that are organically produced. If he’s not writing, then he’s busy managing his (organic) farm that utilizes the power of natural processes.

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