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  • Imagine No More Migraine: A New Pill May Treat Migraine in 2019 and Beyond 

    This new pill might be the answer to your migraine attacks. Learn more about what it is and how is it different from other drugs.

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    Good news to migraine sufferers. There is a new drug that may alleviate migraine symptoms. This drug is known as Ubrogepant. It is not yet available in the market but trials showed that it is effective. 

    Migraine Treatment — Ubrogepant

    If you are in desperate need of relief from your migraine attacks, then this new class of medication may make a difference to your suffering. As mentioned earlier, it is not yet available in the market. The reason for this is that the United States Food and Drug Administration has not approved it yet. 

    However, it underwent a large-scale clinical trial. And researchers found that this oral pill might work where other medicines do not. 

    In a trial, researchers found that by taking Ubrogepant, it could halt severe migraines. It performed better than a placebo. Furthermore, it resulted in fewer risks compared to other drugs available. 

    It is a potential new medicine for acute migraine. It can be the new pill that can relieve the pain. 

    If you have a debilitating migraine, you know that it is more than just a bad headache. Physicians have a hard time treating it. It is a neurological disease than attacks over 38 million people in the US alone. Unfortunately, only a third of these sufferers are satisfied with the treatment they receive. 

    Each patient is different in terms of effective and safe treatment. Patients who are suffering a severe migraine will have limited options for treatment. 

    Triptans are the most popular migraine medication if over-the-counter meds do not work. They work by reducing pain and inflammation. However, they constrict your body’s blood vessels. These drugs are also not safe for individuals who are at high risk of developing heart disease or stroke. Other sufferers simply do not respond to them. 

    In a long time, there are new treatments that could alleviate acute migraines. The FDA approved gepants. They are a novel class of medicine. They could help in stopping severe headaches before they start. 

    Gepants work differently than triptans. Gepants utilize monoclonal antibodies to target calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). Many researchers think that CGRP has a vital role in migraines. But triptans target serotonin in the brain. 

    The FDA approved three CGRP inhibitors. Each requires injection. Now, if ubrogepant is considered safe and effective, it will be the first oral treatment that can prevent and treat acute migraines. 

    Currently, the drug is in phase 3 clinical trial. But it has been tested to more than 1,000 patients. All of them have migraines between two and eight times a month. Some of these participants took ubrogepant that contains 50 mg or 25 mg. Others are given a placebo. During the trial, they took one tablet as soon as they feel that their migraine is coming on. 

    If the first dose did not stop the pain, they could take a second dose. In cases where patients took both doses but did not work, they could take rescue medications, like NSAIDs, antiemetics or opioids. 

    Those who took a higher dose of ubrogepant were free of pain in two hours. For the placebo group, only 14 percent of them got relief. 

    For bothersome migraine symptoms, treating them requires a higher dose of ubrogepant. Patients with this type of migraine could take 50 mg of this drug. In the current trial, it indicated that 50 mg of ubrogepant could address key treatment goals in treating migraine. 

    Although ubrogepant might be considered as the new effective pill to treat migraines, some neurologists think that this drug might not be useful for patients who cannot event tolerate triptans. In that case, it is not better. It is also not a cure-all medication. 

    They consider it as a promising new treatment for sufferers who slipped through the cracks. 

    Are There Natural Remedies for Migraine? 

    As mentioned earlier, every sufferer is different. However, there is no harm in trying these natural remedies. 

    Do not Eat Hot Dogs

    Doctors think that diet has a vital role in preventing migraines. There are foods that can trigger a migraine. These would include food that contains nitrates, like hot dogs, sausage, bacon and deli meats. 

    You should also avoid chocolate, alcohol, cheese, processed foods, picked foods, dried fruits, and dairy products. 

    In some patients, a small amount of caffeine could ease the pain. However, too much of it can trigger pain. You should keep a food diary to know what foods and beverages trigger your migraine. 

    lavender oil for migraine

    Use Lavender Oil 

    You should not drink it. Rather, you must inhale the oil to ease your pain. In a study, patients who inhaled it during an attack experienced faster relief than those patients who inhaled a placebo. You may inhale the oil or apply it to your temples. If it is the latter, make sure to dilute it first before applying it onto your skin. 

    Get Help from Acupressure 

    It is a practice of applying pressure using your fingers and hands. It is an alternative therapy that may be effective in patients with chronic headaches and other conditions. It may relieve nausea associated with migraine. 

    Use Feverfew

    It is a flowering herb. But there is no sufficient evidence that could prove that it could prevent migraines. But some people claim that it has helped their migraine symptoms. What is good about it is that it treats without causing side effects. 

    Apart from feverfew, you may also use peppermint oil. It may halt a migraine attack. Applying a menthol solution to your temples or forehead could be more effective than the use of placebo for that migraine with pain, light sensitivity, and nausea. 

    Take Magnesium 

    A deficiency in this mineral can cause migraines and headaches. Several studies showed that supplementing your body with magnesium oxide could prevent migraines with aura. It also prevents migraines related to menstruation. 


    I used to suffer from severe migraines. However, ever since I started taking several supplements and bisoprolol, my migraine attacks have reduced. Although I still get a headache, the pain is mild. You may ask your doctor about bisoprolol or other beta-blockers. It is a hypertension treatment. Thus, you need to take it every day to prevent migraine attacks. It works for me. It might not work for you. 

    On the other hand, you may check out these 5 natural remedies that could treat headaches. (Click the link to also know the diet that prevents migraine.)

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