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  • Hula Hoop Exercise Burns As Much Calories As KickBoxing

    Hula-hooping is not only entertaining but it is also a great exercise to burn up calories. Because it’s a pleasant workout, you’ll surely stick with it. What are the other benefits of hula-hooping? Find out here.

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    Hula Hooping Weight Loss Benefits

    Hula Hoop Exercise

    Did you know that hula hoop could provide you a full workout? You didn’t? Now, you do.

    It turns out. Hula-hooping offers similar results as kickboxing, bootcamp classes and aerobics. How cool is that?

    Because of its health benefits, the craze of hula-hooping shows no signs of fading. It’s a proven way to effectively and efficiently burn calories. It’s a great alternative if you get tired of your tedious workout routine.

    This is one exercise that you will surely enjoy. Experts recommend finding an exercise that you enjoy so you will stick to it for longer term. With enjoyable exercise, your body releases more endorphins, thereby, relieving you from stress.

    How beneficial hula hoop is?

    Hooping is said to torch around 210 calories if you do it for 30 minutes. Just imagine if you carry it out for more than that? You’ll be blazing your extra fats, thereby, achieving your weight loss goal faster.

    With its proven benefits, many gyms these days are now incorporating hula hoops with Pilates and yoga. But it goes with a twist. You’ll be using weighted hoops that weigh around 1.5 kg. With that in mind, you’ll have harder workout around your torso. Weighted hoops offer higher level of resistance causing an increase in demand on muscles.

    Which hoop is best for you?

    There are many types of hula-hoops on the market. For newbies, you can start with 37-inch hoop. As you learn to control and manipulate the hoop, you can switch to bigger hoop.

    If you have larger waist line, you will need a bigger hoop. Smaller waist requires smaller hoops. However, if you like to hoop faster and you have smaller waistline, you can go with bigger hoop as it moves slower than smaller hoops.

    That said, let’s start doing the twist. It’s a great way to make your boring abdominal workout interesting again. Try hula-hooping if you get bored to death with sit-ups.

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