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  • HPV Cervical Cancer: Causes and Prevention Tips

    HPV cervical cancer is common and preventable. Here are some key tips on how to protect yourself against this disease.

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    Tips to Prevent HPV Cervical Cancer

    HPV Cervical Cancer: Causes and Prevention Tips

    HPV cervical cancer is one of the most common diseases amongst women. Unfortunately, this type of cancer doesn’t have symptoms when it’s still in its early stage. But if symptoms occur, the most common one is unusual bleeding in the vagina. This usually occurs after sex or menopause or in-between periods.

    But, just because you have abnormal bleeding doesn’t mean you have this cancer. You must first consult your physician for further investigation.

    What is the cause?

    HPV Cervical Cancer: Causes and Prevention TipsThe primary cause of it is the virus known as human papillomavirus or HPV. It’s usually spread through sexual contact.

    Other risk factors will include the following:

    1. Smoking.

    It could be caused by the harmful ingredients of tobacco. QUIT now before it’s too late!

    2. Weakened immune system

    If you’re taking immune-suppressants, you’re more likely to suffer from cervical cancer.

    3. Taking of oral contraceptive pill

    That doesn’t mean such pill can cause cervical cancer. It’ll only lead to this type of cancer if you take it for more than 5 years.

    4. Having more kids

    Kids can give joy to your life. But having more children can put you at risk of getting cervical cancer. It could be caused by the hormonal changes happening during pregnancy allowing your cervix to be more vulnerable to HPV.

    What are the symptoms you must watch for?

    As previously mentioned, there are no symptoms that’ll show up during its early stages. However, when the HPV cervical cancer is in its later stages, abnormal vaginal bleeding will show up. You’ll also notice abnormal discharge, which may cause you to feel pain around your pelvic area.

    HPV cervical cancer and vaccine

    Decades ago, scientists didn’t know that this cancer was caused by HPV. Now that the truth has been unveiled, a vaccine has been developed to prevent infection against this virus. As research continues, someday, this type of cancer will be gone easily just like diphtheria, polio and other viral infections, which can be prevented through vaccinations.

    Ways to prevent HPV cervical cancer

    HPV Cervical Cancer: Causes and Prevention TipsYes, you can protect yourself against this deadly disease.

    1. Get the vaccine

    Just like tetanus and meningitis, you can prevent this type of cancer through a series of vaccine shots.

    When should you get vaccinated? Vaccine is more beneficial if it’s administered before you become sexually active.

    But it’s not too late for you yet. As long as you’re not pregnant, you can get vaccinated against this type of cancer.

    2. Have regular Pap smears

    It’s like prostate cancer, with regular screening, HPV cervical cancer can be easily detected and prevented from spreading to other parts of the body. When the cancer cells are caught earlier, they can be frozen off or burned to prevent them from causing harmful effects to your body.

    It’s ideal to have Pap smear every two years until you’ll turn 70.

    3. Have one partner

    If you have more sexual partners, the highly likely you’ll get infected with HPV cervical cancer.

    4. Fight stress

    Stress can weaken your immune system. Remember that a weakened IS can lead to this type of cancer. Whatever problems you may have, you must make sure that they won’t jeopardize your body’s ability to fight viruses, including HPV.

    5. Use non-hormonal contraceptive

    Avoid using oral contraceptives that contain oestrogen and progestin. Several researches suggested that the link between cervical cancer and oral contraceptives is caused by having several sexual partners. Women who are using this type of birth control method are more prone to this disease because they’re not using condoms during sexual intercourse.

    6. Take a lot of folate

    If you’ve low levels of B vitamin folate, then you’re more likely to develop HPV cervical cancer as the low levels would increase the risk of those precancerous cervical cells to transform into actual cancer.

    Green leafy vegetables contain high amount of folate. It’s not advisable to use folate supplement without first consulting your physician.


    HPV cervical cancer is a preventable disease. By following those key tips, you’re doing yourself a favor in protecting your cervix against the harmful effects of HPV. You can act now or you can act later. It’s your choice.

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