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  • How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Week?

    How much weight can you lose in a week will depend on several factors. If you wish to lose weight fast, you must move more. In one study, it showed that an hour a day of moderate exercise will result in faster weight loss.

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    How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Week?

    Some diet plans promise to help you lose up to 10 pounds of weight in one week. Realistically, how much weight can you lose in a week?

    Generally, you’re going to lose up to four pounds of weight in a week. But this will depend on your baseline factors, such as your starting weight and your lifestyle. Some reported losing more than 10 pounds of weight in a week through cleanses. However, the weight that you lose is most likely water weight. This is quite different from losing fat.

    When it comes to your own weight loss goal, you should only aim for one to two pounds a week. If you start cutting back to 800 calories and you work out two hours a day, you could expect to lose nine pounds a week.

    Then again, this will depend on your starting weight. For the sample stat, the starting weight is 250 kilogram.

    But dropping or losing weight quickly can make your life miserable. It has its own downsides of losing muscles, deficiencies in nutrition, loosing skin, and several others. Too much weight loss may also result in gallstone formation and fatal cardiac arrhythmias.

    Is it possible to lose up to four pounds of weight but still preserve muscles?

    It is possible. But there are several factors to consider. Some of them can be controlled while others can’t.

    Your starting weight is one of the first things to consider in knowing how much you can lose in a week. This means that if you’re flabby, you’ll experience larger percentage of weight loss. However, if you have a lean frame, you’ll find it harder to hang on to your muscle.

    Another thing to consider is your workout. The key to losing body fats is to perform resistance training. In a Columbia University study, researchers revealed that participants who cut calories and performed strength training and cardio workout three times a week have lost more than nine percent of their body weight than those in aerobic group.

    Your protein intake should also be considered. Skimping will cause you to lose more muscle. Athletes who consume high-protein diet have less muscle in two weeks.

    Not getting enough sleep can affect your ability to lose weight. It’s because inadequate sleep can cause leptin and ghrelin out of whack. If you sleep more, you’ll lose more.

    It’s also important to remember that how much you’ve already lost will also affect your weight loss ability. This means that the smaller you are, the fewer calories you’re going to burn. If you have a lean frame, it’d take a year to get halfway through your weight loss goal.

    Diets to Achieve Faster Weight Loss

    A fitness expert recommends consuming a diet that curbs starches, added sugars and animal fat. To achieve rapid weight loss results, you should focus on eating fruits, egg whites, veggies, fish, nonfat dairy and 95 percent lean meat.

    To help you feel full, you must eat plenty of vegetables. Then, drink a lot of water. Get rid of all tempting foods in your fridge or pantry. To avoid eating just because you’re bored, you should keep yourself busy.

    What exercise to lose weight fast?

    If you wish to lose weight fast, you must move more. In one study, it showed that an hour a day of moderate exercise will result in faster weight loss.

    But when you perform exercise, make sure that you’re performing both cardio and strength training. Cardio workout burns calories. But you must include strength training to gain larger muscles so you can burn more calories and fats.

    Crash Diet – A Diet Mistake

    If you’re determined to lose 10 pounds in a week, you may turn to a crash diet. But this is a mistake.

    Perhaps, your diet plan calls for cabbage soup each day. It’s true that you’ll be able to lose those extra pounds significantly.

    But eating so few calories every day would also mean training your metabolism to slow down. So, when your diet is over, you will have a body that burns calories slowly.

    This will then result in you regaining your weight.

    It’s also not a good idea to skip breakfast. Although it’s the easiest way to cut calories, you’ll feel hungry for the rest of the day. This will cause you to have unplanned snacking at work. Then, you will eat unplanned lunch resulting in a calorie count soar.

    To avoid it, make sure that you eat breakfast that’s high in protein and fiber. These nutrients are essential to curb hunger for the rest of the day.

    There are studies showing that people who consume breakfast are more likely to maintain their healthy weight than those who don’t eat their morning meal.

    Another mistake you might be doing just to lose significant amount of weight in a week is to lose track of your snacks. You may be counting calories per meal but you may miss those nibbles that you do in between. A bag of pretzels and a taste of ice cream cone can sabotage your weight loss plan. This is a type of mindless munching that can easily add up. To keep track of what you’re eating, you may consider having a notebook or a smartphone app to avoid losing track of your food intake.

    You may also think that loading yourself with low-fat food is the same as loading your body with low-calorie meals. These two are different things. Piling your plate with low-fat cakes may cause you to end up eating more calories. The best way to know how much calories you’re getting is to check the product’s nutritional label.

    Another mistake that most people make is they overlook the calories in their drinks. It’s a huge mistake considering that a cup of coffee or a glass of alcoholic beverage can have more than 500 calories.

    Final Thoughts

    How much weight can you lose in a week will depend on several factors. But experts recommend doing it slowly. And make sure that you pair your diet with regular exercise to lose weight.

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