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  • Honest to Goodness Truth about Diet Myths

    How should you keep your weight under control? Here are some diet myths that you should stop believing now.

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    Honest to Goodness Truth about Diet Myths

    In this post, let’s uncover the real truth about these common diet myths. Some of them have been repeated too often that most of us would believe that they’re true and we must follow them. Unfortunately, they’re just myths that should be corrected.

    Diet Myth 1: The ability to lose weight is all in the genes. Thus, there’s no need to diet.

    The reality: Although heredity plays a significant role in our body’s metabolism, the environmental factors are more important than our genes. This means that it’s never too late for you to lose weight. If it’s done properly, dieting could do wonders to your health and life.

    Diet Myth 2: You can eat all you want since you’re still young.

    The reality: It’s true that younger individuals have a faster metabolism than older ones’. But young or old can develop hardening of the artery as a result of eating foods high in cholesterol, fats, and sugar. These foods can lead to hypercholesterolemia or hypertriglyceridemia that thickens blood causing plaques to the inner walls of the arteries.

    Diet Myth 3: Stroke happens only to an older group of people.

    The reality: Heart attack and stroke could happen to men and women younger than 30. There are men and women who are in the early 20s had already undergone heart bypass or are suffering from high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar, and diabetes.

    Diet Myth 4: Having high cholesterol and triglycerides runs in the genes.

    The reality: Unfortunately, one in every 500 people with hypercholesterolemia is a familial type of hypercholesterolemia. This means that he/she inherited it from his/her parents. The remaining 499 have gotten their medical condition from the high cholesterol food they consume every day.

    Diet Myth 5: If you don’t eat carbs, you’ll be healthy.

    The reality: It’s true that eliminating carbs from your diet can lead to weight loss. But it’s only ideal for those who are overweight. It’s also not the healthiest way to control or lose weight. The reason for this is that our body needs 100 grams of carbs each day to function well.

    The only way carbs become bad is when you eat them in excess. It’s also ideal that you minimize or avoid eating refined carbs.

    It’s best to consume healthy carbs, like in fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and nuts. You should opt to eat brown rice or oatmeal, rather than white rice or bread.

    Healthy carbs won’t only help you reduce your risk of becoming overweight but you also minimize your risk of suffering from colon cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

    Diet Myth 6: Weight-control juices are safe, so are diet drugs.

    The reality: Weight-control juices and diet drugs can be dangerous. In fact, some of them have caused damaged kidneys, heart failures, and liver disease. They don’t work if you continue to eat unhealthy foods and ignore exercising regularly.

    The only healthy way to lose weight and ward off diseases is to control the amount of calories that you consume and have a regular exercise. It’s also recommended that you abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

    Over to You

    What diet myths did I miss here? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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