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  • Holistic Nutrition and the Things Asians Hate/Love About Western Foods

    Why Asians must follow holistic nutrition diet and avoid Western foods? Here are the answers.

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    holisticnutrition Healthful Diet!

    Holistic nutrition is all about fruit and vegetables prepared in a simple way, sans spice and grease. For Ellen G. White, this is the most healthful diet.

    Consider tea and coffee, coarse vegetables, condiments and pastries as food choices that do not supply proper nutriment.

    Healthy food choices should be about:

    • Food without salt
    • No pickles
    • No spiced food
    • More on fruit and vegetables

    Ellen G. White further noted that people must not consider animal food as a way to provide our muscles with power/strength. The reason for this is that our system is better without animal food.

    To make good blood, you may eat grains, fruit, vegetables, and nuts as they all contain nutritive properties. By eating meat, diseases will arise and increase tenfold.

    Why? The meat is usually served with fat to suit its perverted taste. Consumption of blood and fat of animals are a luxury. But eating them would cause diseases in the human system. For most nutritionists, meat eating caused different types of cancers.



    This one does not offer holistic nutrition.

    For the most part, no.

    In fact, it is considered a hazard to Asians. Asian business people who travel in the US, for instance, must not only adapt to the Western way of doing business but they must also adapt the Western lifestyles.

    Unfortunately, Western lifestyles are associated with diseases, such as the following:

    • High blood pressure
    • Coronary heart disease
    • Strokes

    The rich foods of Western countries are not healthy food choices, according to nutritionists from all parts of the world.

    Rather, they are unhealthful diets contributing to a multitude of diseases.



    Do not eat this!

    Americans modified their eating habits, earlier than the Asians.

    Nowadays, most Americans skip breakfast entirely and replace it with snacking at coffee breaks. But holistic nutrition includes three regular meals a day.

    Then, most of them eat out and dine at some of the hundreds of restaurants serving unhealthy food choices.

    Seventy years ago, Americans rarely ate beef.

    These days, however, US beef consumption has risen to up to 78 percent. The consumption of fish, pork and poultry has also risen in its all-time high.

    They also use dairy products daily and consume fat and oil.

    Unfortunately, the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables has declined. It is true that they consume fruit and vegetables. But they opt to eat processed fruits, which are heavy in sugar syrup and prefer processed vegetables that come with preserved added salt.

    The use of artificial sugar and sweeteners has also risen.

    To cause more disease to the body, the food choices of most Americans today will include hot dogs, fries, ice cream, milk shakes and soda.

    They like eating bakery goods, white bread, soups, jellies, processed meats, and chocolate flavored milk.

    Each day, Americans eat a hot dog or a lunchmeat sandwich. They also devour hamburger, meat loaf and cheeseburger.


    They are not healthy food choices.

    They are rich in fat, sugar and salt.

    These elements are known to cause heart attacks, strokes, obesity, diabetes and kidney disease.


    In general, Asians are adapting Western unhealthy eating habits.

    When you look back 40 years ago, doctors rarely diagnosed heart problems and saw heart attack in Asia.

    But because Asians have already adapted to the not-so-healthy food choices of Westerners, disease, like strokes, heart problems and cancers have climbed up. Stroke, for instance, has been a number one cause of death in most Asian countries, including the Philippines and Thailand.

    Because of the link between unhealthy food choices and diseases, knowledgeable Asians must understand the dangers that these Western style of eating can bring to their health.

    No matter how much we deny it, Western eating habits are largely to blame for the deadly diseases occurring in Asia.


    Admit it. We opt to discard healthy food choices in favor of deep-fat-fried meats and salted food from McDo.

    Businessmen who are trying to persuade American businessmen to invest in the Philippines are likely to serve unhealthful type of foods sans holistic nutrition. They are mostly high in fat, salt and sugar.

    Younger Filipinos are now addicted to American foods rich in fat, sugar and sodium. These unhealthy food choices will include hamburgers, pizzas, fried chicken, cakes, cookies, candy and the likes.

    If you do eat these choices several times a week, you should not wonder why you are feeling weak.

    If you want to be smart like the famous E.G. White, you must discontinue eating the not-so-healthy food choices of Americans. Avoid them as much as possible so you can prevent strokes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.


    We need fat to function well. But it must be the right fat. The good fats are essential for the proper functioning of your cells. They are used as fuels to provide you the energy that you need to perform your daily chores or activities.

    Other functions of fats will include:

    • Serve as banks as they store energy
    • Can be used as insulating material. During cold days, fat deposits will be utilized to heat up your body.
    • Cover the nerves in your body
    • Remove unwanted cholesterol from arteries, thereby, avoiding blockage within them.

    Dietary fat is part of holistic nutrition. But it must be the good ones.

    Undesirable fats are the oily and greasy materials that you can have from meats, dairy products, and animal products. These are eggs, milk, lard and cheese. They are rich in cholesterol. Cholesterol is a type of fat that you must consume in moderation.


    Our body makes a quarter teaspoonful of cholesterol daily. Thus, if you eat food rich in cholesterol, you are only increasing your body’s total cholesterol level. And if your TC rises to its maximum level, it can cause atherosclerosis, which is a condition that can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

    The fats that can cause those problems are the bad ones.

    But there are fats that can provide good uses to body.

    For example, the HDL. It is a good cholesterol that removes fats and cholesterol from various parts of your body, where they have been deposited. From there, HDL will bring them back to the liver for disposal.

    The oleic acid is a good cholesterol or fat that maintains or increases the HDL concentration in your body. It can be found in avocados, peanuts and sesame seeds.

    To improve your HDL level, you should also take regular exercise, avoid alcohol, and prevent consumption of rich desserts.

    Omega 3 acids are great for the prevention of breast and colon cancer. Healthy food choices containing omega 3 will include turnips, beans, rye grain, nuts and bananas.



    Dr. Dean Ornish said that it is possible. He made a study of 50 men suffering from advanced atherosclerosis. He advised these men to avoid smoking and get a daily exercise.

    He divided these men into two groups.

    The first 25 men ate a vegetarian diet sans cholesterol but with 10 percent of fats.

    The second 25 men were given a diet recommended by the American Heart Association that consists of 30 percent fats and 300 mg of cholesterol.

    The results were astounding.

    The first group reported a great improvement in their condition as shown in their actual arteriographic results. The second group, however, experienced no cholesterol drop. Instead, they have further narrowed their coronary arteries.

    What do these results mean to you?

    Well, you decide!


    In addition to fats being the cause of atherosclerosis, they can also contribute to different types of cancers.

    Breast cancer, for instance, is related to the excessive consumption of refined corn and vegetable oils.

    In various animal laboratory studies, scientists found that the more fats these animals consumed, the more cancers they have observed.

    When these animals were fed with high-fat, high-protein foods, they have higher incidence of cancers than those who were fed with just high-fat or high-protein.

    Thus, scientists have concluded that:

    • Cancers that are caused by viruses can be the result of eating excess fats.
    • Cancers that are caused by chemicals are promoted by consuming excess fats.
    • Transplanted tumors are promoted through excess fats.

    But these results do not mean you must avoid fats and cholesterol all together. Instead, you must only opt for holistic nutrition that involves eating fats from whole grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

    Vegetable fats do not have viruses and cholesterol. But avoid consuming refined vegetable oil.

    To maximize the benefits of fats, you must consume the right fats as they are essential to achieve a healthy body.


    Nowadays, it is not unusual to find kids who are obese. They have a cholesterol level of more than 200. Nutritionists recommend lowering the number to 180 or below. As much as possible, you must aim for 150. For kids, the level must be lower.

    Cholesterol found in foods are absorbed into the blood and deposited in the arteries. As a result, it prevents normal blood flow to body organs.

    When calcium is being added to the cholesterol deposits, it hardens the arteries. This may result in coronary heart disease leading to heart attack. It is especially true if the hardening happens in the heart.


    Six egg yolks contain 1,500 mg of cholesterol. Oyster and lobster have 200 mg while crab meat and shrimp contain 125 mg of cholesterol.

    Leading health nutritionists recommend eating no more than 250 mg of cholesterol each day. That is, you must only eat one egg yolk a day.

    When you start to consume low-cholesterol foods, you can finally achieve healthy body.


    High blood pressure is considered as a silent killer as it can remain asymptomatic for years.

    But people with hypertension are likely to have a heart attack and suffer a stroke compared to people with normal blood pressure.

    Hypertension is a common condition in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.

    But you must remember than one blood pressure reading is not enough to know the accurate blood pressure of the person. Thus, it is recommended that you visit your doctor regularly to get the true reading.

    Here are some things that you can do to your hypertension:

    • Reduce fat intake. This can lower your weight, thereby, controlling hypertension.
    • Get a daily exercise to alleviate atherosclerosis and obesity.
    • Reduce salt intake. It is a difficult part because most foods these days contain high amount of salt.

    In the Philippines, chefs prepare large quantities of sodium to enhance flavor. This means that you are eating more sodium in your food than when you opt to cook your own food. A soy sauce bottle contains a gram of sodium.


    Before he was elected as the president of the US, he was told by his physician that he could live more than two decades if he would stop putting salt in his food.

    And he did. As soon as he followed his doctor’s recommendation, he felt okay. He cured himself of his salt habit and he began to live a healthy lifestyle.


    Holistic nutrition, as previously mentioned, is all about eating natural foods. You must eat healthy food choices and avoid Western foods, like hamburgers, fries, etc.

    It is not easy to change your diet into a healthy one. But it is possible. That is, if you wish to live longer or avoid diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases, and stroke.

    Western foods are delicious. But they are also unhealthy and can cause life-threatening medical conditions.

    If you cannot avoid them, it is better to eat them in moderation. That is, consume them once a week or twice a month.

    Opt for healthy food choices, instead.


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