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  • High-Fat Low-Carb Diet Equals Fat Loss – A New Zealand Study Showed

    A high-fat low-carb diet might help you lose more fats. That’s according to the latest study in New Zealand. But how?

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    High-Fat Low-Carb Diet Equals Fat Loss - A New Zealand Study Showed

    In a recent New Zealand research, it showed that high-performing athletes can burn more fats if they simply cut down their carbohydrate intake. They can eat more fats and still be fitter. That said, having a high-fat low-carb diet will indeed lead to fat loss.

    But this doesn’t only apply to athletes. The research showed that even common people can take advantage of it.

    Adapting to this type of diet changed how your muscles burn different types of fuels allowing them to use various fuel sources from different exercise intensities.

    This will mean that your body will use fats when you perform less intense but longer duration exercise. On the other hand, your body conserves carbs if you perform high-intensity bouts but shorter exercise.

    The participants were given up two grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight each day. This restriction was made for four weeks. During this period, their diet focused on eating fats. Their typical diet would consist of eggs with bacon or coffee with cream.

    After that, they had to endure a four-hour cycle test. According to the researchers, participants who ate a low-carb but high-fat had faster fat loss rate during exercise. This means that they were more capable of carrying oxygen to their muscles. They can mentally push their bodies to undergo an endurance event because of their various fuel sources.

    The reason

    Our body can store so much carb in the liver and muscles. If we rely on carb while exercising, these fat stores would get consumed quickly, causing athletes to hit the wall.

    The result of this study showed that changing your diet can make a positive change to your overall health.

    The study also revealed that if you eat a high-carb diet, your body insulin levels could spike causing your body to store more fats without burning them as it first has to deal with the increasing amount of sugar in the body. This explains the energy crash that you experience as your body put on more fats.

    Source: Massey University

    When you do follow a high-fat low-carb diet, you’re mostly eating vegetables, fruits, and heart-friendly oils. But you also have to ditch the junk while you load up on the whole foods. And you have to give your body a time to adapt to this type of diet.

    On the other hand, if your body isn’t responding well to it, you’ll feel fatigued all the time.

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