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  • What Doctors Didn’t Teach You About Natural Heart Attack Treatment and Healthy Foods

    How can healthy foods be used as a treatment for heart attack?

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    Heart Attack Treatment

    Our doctors taught as how to determine our cholesterol levels and gave us drugs to lower it.

    Physician who are experts in performing bypass surgery prescribe some medicines to maintain cardiovascular function.

    But what they do not teach us is how not to end up in their clinics in the first place.

    I wish there are doctors who could discuss some low-cost tips on how to prevent heart attack, instead of just prescribing drug treatment for heart attack.

    As Casie Nitingale (The Good Witch) said, pills are not always the best option.

    And yes, when it comes to our cardiovascular function, eating healthy foods can be a great heart attack treatment.

    Healthy Foods as Natural Heart Attack Treatment

    Food is still a powerful medicine. By following a plant-based diet can significantly reduce the rate of heart attacks.

    You can opt to be meat-free but you can still benefit from eating mostly plant-based healthy foods. Here are some superfoods that you can consume every day.
    superfoods, benefits of superfoods

    What is great about them is that you are not only preventing heart attack but you can also be on your way to lose weight, naturally.

    How to Make Healthy Foods as a Natural Heart Attack Treatment?

    Eat vegetables a day. In various studies, it showed that those who ate eight or more servings of leafy vegetables and fruit a day were 30% less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. This is compared to those who only consumed half servings or fewer of these healthy foods.

    To make it easier to consume them, you can make green-based juice.

    Drink green tea. Green tea offers plenty of antioxidants. But black and oolong varieties may also help in reducing total blood cholesterol levels. Plus, they can regulate blood sugar levels and soothe inflammation.

    Eat meat naked. If you cannot let go of your meat-eating habit, choose to eat meat naked and avoid processed meat, like bacon and sausages.

    In a research conducted by Harvard experts, they found that those who ate meat once a week have raised their risk of heart disease by 42%.

    When you eat meat naked, it means you have to consume meat that is not treated with antibiotics, hormones and other additives. In other words, choose to eat grass-fed animals, as they contain heart-healthy fatty acids.

    Consume fatty fish. Examples of it will include sardines, anchovies, salmon, sardines and herring. They are best sources of omega-3s, which are known to reduce heart disturbances, blood pressure and triglycerides.

    When it comes to contamination, they are less likely to be contaminated.

    How Fasting Can be a Natural Treatment for Heart Attack?

    Fasting for at least 11 hours each night can put your body in “break” mode. Bear in mind that our body requires a break to repair our metabolic functions.

    Thus, it is highly recommended to skip midnight snack as it can raise inflammation, blood sugar levels and cell ageing.

    To start fasting for 11 hours each night, you can say no to eating around 6 pm or 7 pm.

    Avoiding Sedentary Lifestyle

    Those who spend their time being sedentary are said to be 73% more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome and a host of problems related to heart disease.

    Thus, motivate yourself to several physical activities each day.

    You can cut your lawn.

    Do not sit down on the bus. Instead, give your seat to your fellow passenger. It does not matter who he/she is.

    Yoga is Great for the Heart.

    In a study conducted, researchers discovered that yoga has a powerful effect on your heart. Those who do yoga for three months had fewer episodes of atrial fibrillation.

    If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you can start practicing yoga at least seven minutes twice a day. It can lower resting heart rate and regulate your blood pressure.

    Other Natural Treatments or Preventive Ways

    Get a pet. Pets have positive impact on cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The reason for this is that a pet has calmer energy that may affect human beings. The calming energy of pets can be transferred to humans when they are close to each other.

    List the things that you are grateful for. Being grateful to whatever you have in your life can have a great effect in your overall health. Experts recommend listing down things you are grateful for. Read your list once a week.

    Have sex. According to a certain study, men who are having sex twice a week are less likely to suffer from heart attack compared to those who only have coitus once a month. And this type of effect cannot be duplicated by aspirin. Sexual activity is considered as a light exercise. Thus, no need to worry about having a heart attack while you are in the act.

    Use kitchen stables for cleaning. Cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause stroke and heart attack. Whenever possible, use your kitchen materials, like white vinegar, lemon and others, when cleaning your kitchen.

    Avoid using plastic containers. The chemicals in plastic can leach into your food. If the residues accumulate in the body in significant number, they can greatly affect your hormonal system. In various medical papers, researchers found a link between phthalates and cardiovascular problems. Thus, instead of using plastic containers, use ceramic or stainless steel.


    These tips are not only helpful in preventing or treating heart attack and other cardiovascular problems but they can also be used in helping you lose weight.


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