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  • Heart Disease May Develop from the Lack of Sleep (Study)

    How lack of sleep can lead to heart disease in people with low-income? Find out more here. 

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    Many of us now are sleep deprived. Thanks to the many gadgets that we use every day. But the lack of sleep could affect our system, including our cardiovascular. As a result, we are likely to develop heart disease. 

    Heart Disease and Inadequate Sleep 

    Apart from affecting our memory, not getting sufficient sleep can also affect our heart, leading to a cardiovascular problem. In some studies, researchers found that low-income individuals are prone to heart disease. Women struggle more than men. 

    One of the possible reasons for this is poor sleep. Women with low income typically combined physical and psychosocial strain of poorly paid jobs with their responsibilities in their household. As a result, they could hardly get enough sleep. 

    Why Sleep Matters 

    You must not underestimate proper rest. It is vital to our health. Sleep can reduce stress. It does so by preventing stress hormones from going up. 

    Improving Your Memory 

    Sleep does not only reduce stress but it also improves memory. When you are tired, it is difficult to remember things. It indicates that your brain did not get enough sleep. 

    As you sleep well, your body is resting while your brain is storing your memories. Thus, you must ensure that you are getting quality sleep to help you process things better. It will also boost your memory. 

    Regulating Blood Pressure 

    Hypertension is linked to heart disease. It can lead to heart attack and stroke. While you have restful sleep, your body is relaxed, thereby, regulating your blood pressure and keeping it that way. 

    Strengthening the Immune System 

    Your body produces extra protein to boost your body’s ability in fighting infection. Thus, if you feel that you will have a full-blown cold, try getting to bed early and get a lot of sleep. 

    Maintaining Weight 

    Sleep will not make you lose weight. However, it can help regulate the hormones that are responsible for your appetite. When you have enough sleep, it reduces your cravings so you will not consume high-calorie foods. 

    Putting You in Better Mood

    The lack of sleep will make you more agitated. You are likely to be grumpy with your colleagues or friends. The more hours of sleep you get, the more likely you can avoid snapping at someone. You can stay calm and reasonable. 

    In a study, researchers analyzed data from past investigations. The participants reported on various factors to help researchers in better understanding why low-income people are suffering from poor sleep. 

    Every person in the study had medical exams to assess their heart health. The study showed that men in the low-income bracket, their heart disease was related to their short nights of sleep. In the study, the researchers indicated that the long night of sleep was more than 8 hours of sleep while a short night of sleep was six hours or fewer. 

    The researchers suggested that more laws must be passed to guarantee that the community will stay quiet during nighttime hours. In this way, it can improve people’s sleeping conditions. 

    Can Meditation Help 

    If you feel sleepy during the daytime, then it could indicate that you are not getting sufficient sleep. Meditation may help. But how? 

    Meditation is known to relax the mind and body. As a result, it can help you put to sleep. It also combats sleeping disorders. Meditation can also fight fatigue. It clears the mind after having a busy day. By meditating, your blood pressure drops as you are getting a slower pulse rate. These changes will let you sleep easier. 

    To help you sleep, make sure you clear your room from distractions. That is, your phone must be on silent. Or you can put it in another room. If you have a TV in your bedroom, get rid of it. 

    You should also have a comfortable bed. There are ways to do so. You can choose to wear fresh pajamas. Do something that will allow yourself to relax. 

    If there is artificial light, block it out. Any light can be a distraction. You need to be in darkness to help you fall asleep. 

    Make sure to stretch out and assess the tension in your body. Think about relaxing every muscle in your body. Make sure to relax your jaw and shoulders. Do some stretching exercises to get rid of the tension in your body. 

    Breathing exercises may also help. Here, you just focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Be aware when your belly rises and falls with every breath. It helps in clearing your mind of any thoughts. 

    Get Rid of the Elements that Make You Struggle to Sleep

    stress as a factor in heart disease

    Stress, as mentioned earlier, is one of the reasons people have difficulty getting tough to sleep. You may worry about finances, your health, etc. But you must learn how to manage your stress levels and meditation can help you do it. 

    If you have bad habits, you must change them now. Do you drink caffeine a few hours before bedtime? If you do, then make sure that you drink it before noon. Caffeine is known to stimulate your body causing you to be awake. (Click the link to know the calories of coffee.) That said, make sure not to drink it a few hours before sleep time. 

    You should also sleep at a similar time every night. Then, make sure that you wake up at the same time every morning. With a healthy cycle, your body can maintain the proper sleep-wake cycle. 

    On the other hand, if you have shift work disorder, you may consider changing jobs. If that is not possible, you must learn how to cope with sleep changes while you are on shifts. Meditation, too, can help in this situation. 

    You should also practice healthy eating habits. By eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables, you are taking care of your cardiovascular system, thereby, avoiding any heart disease. Avoid eating sugary foods. Exercising will also help. And of course, learn how to meditate to know how to calm yourself. (The link will redirect you to an article about the benefits of meditation in helping opioid crisis.)

    Heart disease can be challenging to treat. You must do everything you can to avoid it. And if your heart problem is the result of lack of sleep, make sure to do something about it to resolve the issue.

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