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  • Health Benefits of Coffee: Will It Help You Live Longer?

    A 10-year study showed that the health benefits of coffee would include lowering the risk of death. Did it show that coffee drinkers will live longer? Can it protect cancer?

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    There are several health benefits of coffee and one of them is that it could lower the risk of death. So, coffee drinkers will live longer? Not so fast.

    Health Benefits of Coffee: Will It Help You Live Longer?

    In a 10-year study in the US, it showed that people who regularly consumed coffee were less likely to die of heart disease, diabetes, and other causes than those who didn’t drink this beverage at all. The study showed that the more coffee the subjects took, the lower their risk of dying.

    What is in a coffee?

    Coffee has numerous biologically active compounds, such as potassium, caffeine, phenolic acids, and several others.

    The study involved a collection of data from a previous study on more than 90,000 adults without cancer. Some of them had a history of cardiovascular disease. The subjects were followed starting 1998 up to 2009.

    At the start of the study, they reported that they had taken coffee and some other health details.

    In 2009, there were around 8,700 of the subjects who died. The researchers found that those subjects who drank coffee regularly were less likely to have died while they were part of a study than those non-drinkers.

    What’s more interesting is that the risk of death was found to be lowest for those who drank up to five cups of coffee a day. This is the same with drinkers who consumed decaffeinated coffee.

    The study revealed that those drinkers of coffee had a lowered risk of death from influenza, chronic respiratory disease, heart disease, and pneumonia. But it didn’t show the health benefits of coffee in preventing cancer.

    Although caffeine has been associated with certain cancers, the study didn’t show a relation between coffee and cancer mortality. The reason for this is that coffee might have reduced mortality risk for some types of cancers but not for others.

    Can coffee help a drinker live longer?

    A great number of studies showed that people drinking more coffee have better health results. Most of these coffee drinkers have healthy habits. They exercise and keep a healthier diet.

    As regards to living longer, the study didn’t prove it.

    That said, coffee intake can be part of a healthy, balanced diet. But researchers can’t recommend that non-drinkers should start drinking caffeine to obtain the health benefits of coffee.

    To read more about the study, visit: Oxford Journals

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