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  • Health and Wellness of Women with Apple Watch Cycle Tracker

    Apple Watch adds cycle tracking feature for the health and wellness of women. Read more about it here.

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    New Apple Watch with Cycle Tracker

    Women should focus on their health and wellness considering the many diseases that affect many young and older females. With the latest technology, women can easily monitor their overall health. 

    Apple Watch is one of the devices that women can wear to track their health, especially their cycle. During the annual developer’s conference, Apple announced the addition of a cycle tracker for its Apple Watch and iOS. It is one of the latest features to its health app. 

    The latest watchOS will have a cycle-tracking app that can offer you a discreet way to monitor your cycle. You can log important information about your fertility and menstrual cycle. 

    The latest feature is just an example of how the health of women has become a more important discussion in health technology. With this additional feature, it can affect the current cycle-tracking apps, such as Natural Cycles and Glow. 

    Apart from the cycle monitoring, the latest watchOS 6 will have a new noise tracking feature with its noise app. It also adds fitness tracking trends that will compare trends over the last three months and the previous year. 

    Menstrual Tracking 

    This feature is not new for the iPhone. In fact, it has been around since 2015. But the past feature was not as comprehensive as it is now. The latest function will let you track your cycles on your Watch. 

    In 2018, Fitbit included a female health tracking feature to its smartwatches, and so did Garmin in April. 

    Fertile Window

    Your Apple Watch will notify you of your fertility. However, the Fertile Window notifications can be disabled. 

    Thus, you if you choose to disable it, you will not see messages about your fertility popping up on your wrist. 

    The data could be very personal. But the company stated that the data will be stored locally on your device and it is encrypted in iCloud.

    Since 2014, the company has been pushing its devices to be the only device you need to track your personal health. Apart from tracking your heart rate and fitness, it also added an electrocardiogram feature that can check your heart rhythm. 

    This feature is only available on Apple Watch Series 4. The company will add a built-in sleep tracking that will be available in 2020. 

    Why Track Your Period for Your Health and Wellness? 

    Woman holding a menstrual cup for health and wellness

    It is vital to understand your menstrual period to help you know more about yourself. 

    1) Understand Unique Patterns

    When tracking your cycle, it is vital to log when your period occurs. In that way, you can begin to comprehend your average cycle length. 

    Keep in mind that every person is different. An irregular period is common. Most women have a 28-day cycle. However, it may not be your personal average. 

    Being aware of your cycle will give you more control of your menstruation. Of course, you are less likely to be surprised that you see a blood spot on your underwear. 

    Through the cycle-tracking app of Apple Watch, you might have a detailed analysis of your menstrual history. 

    2) Be Aware of General Health and Wellness

    Your menstrual cycle can be a huge indication of your general health. It is your body’s way to tell you that things are working properly. 

    Now, if you have a heavy period or irregular period, it indicates that there is an underlying condition that has to be treated. 

    As you track and log your cycle, you can recall things that you might forget when it is time for you to visit your OB-GYN. When you update your Health app, you can easily access your last period with just a few taps. 

    3) Know When You are Fertile 

    Pregnancy is possible during your fertile window or the days up to and after ovulation. The window can be around six days. 

    The greatest chance for you to get pregnant is two days before the ovulation starts. Your chances of getting pregnant will decrease the day after ovulation. 

    4) Understand Your Sex Drive 

    You can track your sex drive by understanding the patterns in your cycle. During ovulation, you will notice an increase in your sexual desire. As you are aware of your sexual activity, you will know when you feel the most desire to have sex. 

    5) Manage Mood 

    Cycle monitoring will also help you manage and understand your mood. Hormonal changes suggest the cause of mood changes. 

    When you become irritable or anxious, they may be caused by your hormones. However, there is no definite link between the cycle and mood. 

    Then again, the changes can be a piece of information that will help you better comprehend the cycle rhythm. 

    6) May Save Your Life

    Some women are unaware of the gynecological cancers because the female reproductive anatomy is still taboo. Few women are still are aware of the symptoms associated with the cancers. As a result, they dismiss the early indications of a serious disease. 

    To better understand your menstrual cycle, you need to track it for three months to get a sense of what is normal for your cycle. 

    Tracking your cycle will also make it easier for you to spot new or unusual symptoms. It also increases the amount of attention you put to your overall health and wellness. 

    It can boost your confidence knowing when to visit your healthcare professional for a checkup. 

    But it is not enough to monitor your cycle. You need to maintain a healthy weight to lower your risk of gynecological diseases, heart diseases, and stroke. 

    By reducing weight, you are lowering your risk for developing pelvic floor disorders. These disorders are more common in ladies who delivered their babies vaginally. 

    You should also make dietary replacements. That is, you must avoid white bread, crackers, pasta, and rice and opt for their healthier versions. If you need to consume chicken make sure to eat the skinless version. And opt for leaner cuts. 

    And make sure that you get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep can greatly affect your menstrual cycle. 

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