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  • Google Donates 100K Home Minis to People with Paralysis

    People with paralysis can get Google Home Minis for free. Find out if you are eligible.

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    Google Donates 100K Home Minis to People with Paralysis

    For people with paralysis, home can be a challenging space. And Google wants to help by giving away Home Minis. 

    In a blog post, Garrison Redd, a powerlifter of team USA Paralympic, stated that:

    “But some of the greatest challenges and hurdles I face are at home. When you’re paralyzed, your home goes from being a place of comfort and security to a reminder of what you’ve lost. Light switches and thermostats are usually too high up on the wall and, if my phone falls on the floor, I may not be able to call a friend or family member if I need help. These may seem like simple annoyances but, to members of the paralysis community, they reinforce the lack of control and limitations we often face.” – Garrison Redd

    And this is one of the reasons Google partnered with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to donate 100,000 Google Home Minis to people with paralysis. These home speakers can help them fulfill their everyday activities. 

    The goal of this project is to transform the home of people with paralysis into a more helpful place. 

    Are You Eligible 

    To receive a free Google Home Mini, you must meet the following requirements: 

    -Living with a mobility challenge, paralysis or physical disability. 

    -Caregiver and providing care to a person who is paralyzed, living with a physical disability or mobility challenge. 

    -Live in the US

    When Redd received his Mini, the first thing that he did was to connect it to his Nest Thermostat. He uses this device to set alarms, listen to Spotify and manage his training schedule. 

    But Google Home Minis are not just for individuals with those challenges. 

    Minis are perfect to help you stick to your health goals. There are various ways to maximize the use of this gadget. 

    Ask Google the Workouts on Your Calendar 

    One of the many ways Home Minis can be of great use to assist you in sticking to your health routine is to ask the workouts saved on your calendar. 

    That is if you have workouts coming up. You also need to use Google Cal and activate the Goals function. This feature will help you stay on top of your fitness-related goals. 

    Plan a Bike Route

    Integrate Mini with Maps to help you plan a bike route or a walk. You can ask Google to determine how long it can take you to bike from your home to work. 

    Watch Health and Wellness-Related Videos 

    You can also ask Google to play a video about a ketogenic diet or a yoga workout (or any health-related video that you prefer). 

    Ask Google Nutrition Stats

    If you are wondering what food to eat after working out, you can ask Google for the nutritional info of the food that you are planning to consume. In that way, you will have a clue on whether or not it is a healthy choice. For instance, you can ask Google to give you the number of calories in Herbalife protein shake or ingredients of Herbal Tea concentrate

    Google Home Minis are not only useful for people with paralysis but also for older family members who are struggling to navigate their smartphone. 

    It is important to remember though that this device cannot call 911. However, you can ask Google to call any phone number, like a doctor or caregiver. It can surely be a lifesaver for those who cannot get to the phone during an emergency.

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