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  • Gold Weight Loss Program in the City of Dubai

    Do you need another reason to lose weight? How about giving you a “golden” reason to shed some pounds? Learn about the past gold weight loss program held in the city of Dubai.

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    Do you need another reason to lose weight?

    How about giving you a “golden” reason to shed some pounds?

    Last July 2013, the city of Dubai conducted a weight loss program that lasted about a month. It wasn’t an ordinary the-biggest-loser challenge as the prize is so golden.


    The participants who have lost weight received grams of gold. For every kilogram one has lost, he’d/she’d receive a gram of gold. According to market prices in the United Arab of Emirates, having two grams of gold would give you around $82.

    The three “biggest losers” were entered into a drawing for a gold coin that’s worth more than $5,400.


    In order to register, the contestants must be overweight. But they couldn’t just use any weight loss program. Because the contest was held within the holy month of Ramadan, it gave people the chance to think about the health benefits of losing weight. It also encouraged contestants to make a huge effort to alter their bad lifestyles.

    Although Ramadan involves not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset, many people overeat after fasting. Then, Dubai has one of the biggest shopping malls worldwide giving people a difficult time to exercise outdoors.

    But the weight loss for gold wasn’t the first weight loss program initiated by the city of Dubai. In fact, two years ago, the government launched the Yalla walk that created walking tracks in various parts of the city. The main goal of it was to encourage its people to live a healthier lifestyle.


    In the Arab Gulf countries, not just in Dubai, obesity has become a big problem. In fact, 33.7% of adults in the UAE are considered obese. According to a study, obesity among younger individuals is two times higher compared with the international standard.

    Many people who work in this city have to endure the longer working hours and the hours of driving to and from work each day. This means that people don’t have a choice but to live a sedentary lifestyle. The easy food options available have become a nightmare to a lot of people who are watching their diet.

    Healthy Lifestyle

    But those people who participated in the gold weight loss competition didn’t think of it as a competition. For most of them, it was a way for them to kick-start their healthy lifestyle.

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