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  • Is Mediterranean Diet the Best Choice to Get Skinny Fast and Avoid Heart Problems?

    It is true that Mediterranean diet can help you get skinny fast and avoid heart problems. But is it the best choice for you?

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    Will the Mediterranean Diet Prevent Heart Problems, Besides Assisting You to Get Skinny Fast?


    Mediterranean Diet to Get Skinny Fast and Avoid Heart Problems

    Mediterranean diet is one of the many ways to get skinny fast. It has gotten more attention when a Spanish study conducted and reported it to being a big deal in the world of weight loss.

    The said study was well-designed and reported in a prestigious journal, i.e. New England Journal of Medicine. The subject was also adored by foodies with positive results.

    Then, the study about Mediterranean diet to get skinny fast was stopped because the results were clear:

    • 30% reduction in the risk of major cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks, deaths, and strokes.

    The results were somehow similar to the risk reduction from patients using statin drugs. Furthermore, the findings of said study were so striking that it was considered unethical not letting the control group to also follow said diet.

    Unfortunately, the study did not prove that Mediterranean diet is better than a low-fat diet. It might have proven to be effective to get skinny fast.

    What should you eat in Meditarranean diet?

    To get skinny fast with Mediterranean diet, you need to focus on eating fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and grains. Include fish and poultry but limit intake of dairy, such as yogurt and cheese.

    Red meat and sweets should only be consumed rarely.

    Your most main source of fat will be olive oil.

    This type of diet has been followed by, well, Mediterranean countries, like Greece, Italy and Spain. It is said that these countries have a lower cardiovascular mortality rate compared to the cases in northern Europe, US and Asia.

    In said Spanish study, the participants were in their 50s up to 80s.

    The 7,477 participants had no cardiovascular disease but most of them were overweight.

    A great percentage of them had hypertension, high cholesterol levels and taking drugs in controlling their medical conditions.

    The study’s main goal was to compare different variations of Mediterranean diet:

    • With extra olive oil
    • With extra nuts and low-fat

    The participants did not reduce their calorie intake. But the two groups were advised to use olive oil and eat white meats. They are also recommended to drink wine when eating meals and consume lots of fruit and vegetables, as well as beans and fish.

    For an average of five years, the participants who followed the Mediterranean diet had lowered their chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

    Those in the nut groups had their stroke incidences reduced.

    Should you switch now to Mediterranean diet and get skinny fast?

    It is hard to tell, according to experts who viewed the study.

    Their reason is that the study did not actually compare the diet that is typical of Americans. It also did not tell whether or not it can be considered as a heart-healthy diet.

    Overall, experts did say that this can be a good choice in helping you get skinny fast and reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems. However, it is not the best choice.

    Adding a little olive oil to your diet will not hurt you. But do not expect it to provide you with better benefits than a low-fat diet.

    Still, Mediterranean diet to get skinny fast is satisfying. Thus, it is easier for you to stick to it.

    You cannot go wrong with it and adding a little of nuts in your diet, as well as olive oil, can make it more interesting. When you do follow it, make sure to focus on fruit and vegetables, as well as beans and fish.


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