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  • General Motors Diet Review – What is it?

    General Motors diet has received a lot of attention from those who wish to lose weight. But what is it really? Here’s a comprehensive review about this weight loss diet program of General Motors.

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    My Experience with General Motors Diet

    general motors diet

    General Motors Weight Loss Diet Program – Overview

    General Motors diet program debuted as an in-house program for employees of the company. The main goal was to help them maintain their bodies in tip-top shape.

    Because of its success, the General Motors diet has become a worldwide popular diet plan for people who want to lose weight effectively and efficiently.

    The said plan promises to help you shed at least 10 pounds a week by consuming certain foods each day. Although its main goal is to reduce weight, this diet plan can be your road to help you feeling good about yourself.

    It improves, not just your weight, but it also enhances your attitude and mental state. Thanks to its ability to cleanse the body. Because of its detox properties, some people follow this General Motors diet program every 6 months just to detox, rather than lose weight.

    Is it an effective weight loss program?

    Well, just like any type of diet programs, it depends on how you follow it. But, recent studies showed that this plan could indeed reduce excess weight faster. In fact, it could slash 10 pounds of weight per week, as long as you follow its strict food intake plan.

    If it’d be your first time to follow a weight loss diet program, then the General Motors diet program could be overwhelming. This is because it requires radical change to your diet, which mainly consists of fruits and vegetables. Your meat intake will be greatly reduced.

    This weight loss program will leave you feeling tired and weak during the first days. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you exercise at least 10 minutes a day. This is to speed up your metabolism while keeping your food intake requirements.

    First day of General Motors weight loss diet program

    You’ll be eating all fruits excluding bananas. There are no limits. Most users who have successfully completed the program recommended eating lots of watermelon and loupe to help prepare your body for the upcoming change.

    Here comes day 2

    Day 2 involves eating only vegetables, i.e. all vegetables in any quantity. You can eat baked potato for breakfast, spinach for lunch and other leafy vegetables for dinner.

    What’s on the 3rd day?

    Day 3 involves eating fruits and vegetables. But you can’t eat bananas and potato.

    Day 4 of General Motors weight loss diet program

    On this day, you’ll be eating bananas and pair them with milk and soup. They’re great in replenishing the potassium you’ve lost during the past 3 days.

    5th day of this diet

    Finally, you’ll get to eat chicken plus tomatoes. But you’re only allowed to consume 2 ounces of lean chicken. You should also increase your water intake to properly cleanse your body and eliminate excess uric acid.

    Day 6 is chicken and vegetable day

    You can consume unlimited servings of chicken and vegetables on the 6th day of this diet program.

    7th day

    Your food intake for this day should be brown rice, vegetables of any type and fruit juices.

    Pros of following General Motors weight loss diet program

    Slims down faster

    This is one of the benefits of the program. It helps you shed great amount of weight at a faster rate.

    Detoxifies the body

    You’ll experience the benefits of having a cleaner system. As a result, you won’t feel sluggish.

    Cons of General Motors diet

    Sudden weakness in your muscles

    This is expected because you’ll be deprived of protein during the first few days of the plan.

    Slows down metabolism

    Since you’re depriving your body of some vitamins and minerals it needs, your metabolism will surely slow down.

    Doesn’t produce long-term result

    It’s highly unlikely that you’ll maintain the result.

    Is it effective?

    Well, not for me. During the first day, I ate watermelon, mangoes, papaya and other fruits that I could get my hands on. Later that day, I got a very acidic stomach. I had no choice but to eat the regular food. I also ended up having diarrhea.

    I wanted to continue but I felt really weak the following day.

    Wrapping up

    General Motors weight loss diet program isn’t for everyone. It looks good on paper. It may help you lose weight during the first few days. However, you’ll have difficulty sustaining it.

    Have you tried this weight loss diet program? How was it? Share your experience with us by dropping us a line.

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