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  • Garcinia Cambogia – 7 Aspects You Must Know About This Weight Loss Herb

    Do you want to lose weight faster? The natural extract of Garcinia cambogia may offer the right solution for you when it comes to losing significant amount of weight. It performs two things that can further improve your chances of fitting into a smaller size dress. What are the other things you must be familiar with about this herb? Find out here.

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    Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss – Is It a Viable Option?

    You may have heard of Garcinia cambogia as a natural solution to lose weight. In fact, it has been touted by many as an herb that can help the body in burning fat quicker. In a way, it can be a perfect answer for dieting. Yes, following a very strict diet like Paleo or detox, truly sucks because it will only lead to more cravings and hunger. As a result, most people give up causing them to gain their weight back.

    How can this simple herb help you lose weight?

    garcinia cambogia for weight lossDr. Oz considered it as the Holy Grail of weight loss. But there are still many people who are skeptical about its role in getting rid of the extra pounds. To help you make a sound decision whether or not to try Garcinia cambogia, I highlighted some of its pros and cons.

    According to several studies, this herb can be of use in reducing weight through these aspects:

    Suppressing appetite

    If you are trying to lose weight, suppressing your appetite can be an ideal solution. You’ll be eating less but it still continues to supply your body with the right energy. As regards to fat cells, its components can still assist your body in burning those stored fats and convert them into energy.

    Blocking citrate lyase

    Garcinia cambogia can effectively block citrate lyase, which is an enzyme that converts carbohydrates and turns them into fats and sugars. In other words, when the enzyme is blocked, any carbs or fats you consumed will not get into the cells. Rather, they are immediately excreted as waste. As a result, you can lose several kilograms/pounds after using it for a month.

    Are there scientific studies about its role in weight loss?

    There are quite a few studies that backed the above mentioned claims about the herbs effectiveness in losing weight. According to this research, Garcinia cambogia was indeed useful in reducing appetite and preventing absorption of fats and carbs from food.

    Is it safe to use?

    Generally, this herb is safe to use. It is also highly likely that you will lose weight with it.

    What are its possible side effects?

    Although this herb is generally considered as safe to use, there are negative side effects that you must know of:

    Headaches and stomach upsets

    These are the most common negative side effects as reported by individuals who have taken it.

    Skin rash

    This is another negative effect that may develop after a few days of using a certain weight loss herbal supplement containing Garcinia cambogia.

    Fatty stools

    This condition does not require immediate medical attention. Nevertheless, it is uncomfortable.

    With these negative effects, it would be best to consider getting the right supplement that contains 50% hydroxycitric acid.

    What is hydroxycitric acid?

    This chemical is the main component of the herb that tackles weight loss. It’s the main ingredient that makes this fruit an ideal solution in hastening weight loss efforts. Although you can eat the fruit of Garcinia cambogia to heal ulcers and promote proper digestion, you must obtain its extract for weight loss purposes. It must also be combined with other weight loss ingredients to speed up your ability to eliminate extra fats.

    How to make it work for you?

    This herb does not work for all. However, if you want to try it out, you must obtain a product that includes 50% of hydroxycitric acid. It must be a supplement that excludes artificial ingredients, binders or fillers.

    Is it safe for pregnant women?

    No. There are no studies that scrutinize its effects on pregnant women. Thus, you must avoid taking it if you are with child. You must also stay away from it if you are breast feeding. Furthermore, if you have heart-related problems, you must steer clear of Garcinia cambogia as it may increase your heart rate.


    Although there are people who have tried and tested this herb in helping them lose weight, there is no valid conclusion about its effectiveness in eliminating extra pounds from your body for long-term use. But, based on what I’ve discussed above, it could be a solution for a short-term weight loss. However, if you want a proven way to lose weight, you must change your diet and get a regular exercise.

    You must recognize the fact that there are no pills that can topple the value of maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise. Some fitness experts advocate taking of Garcinia cambogia but only if it is paired with the right diet and exercise.

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