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  • Eating Fried Chicken or Fried Food Every Day Could Increase Death Risk – Study Finds

    Here’s another reason you must avoid eating fried chicken or fried foods. They are not only bad for your health and wellness. Know more about what the researchers uncovered about fried foods and premature death.

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    A Basket of Fried Chicken

    Do you eat fried chicken each day? Per week? If you do, then you are likely to die extra early, according to a study. 

    In the study, consuming a serving of fried chicken per week, even if it is a fried chicken sandwich, would increase your risk of premature death to 13 percent. However, the link is found among older women. 

    The researchers investigated 107,000 postmenopausal women. The link to fried chicken could also exist for other groups. According to one of the researchers, 

    “We didn’t have any reason why the effects may differ by age, or even by gender, I would suspect the association may be similar among younger women or even among men.” 


    The researchers believed that the link could be the same among younger women and men. 

    Eating fried chicken is not healthy. We already know that. However, this study is the first one to probe how fried foods could affect a person’s health and wellness over time. 

    In the study, for instance, the researchers found that older women who consumed fried chicken per week had 12 percent chances of dying from a cardiovascular-related death. 

    What is interesting here is that the study contradicts what the previous study has connected between fried food consumption and dying from cancer. 

    Is It Better to Eat Fish Sandwich or Fried Chicken Sandwich? 

    Unfortunately, the study found that a fish sandwich was not better. Consuming fried fish a week would increase the risk of death by 7 percent.

    Most of us love fried foods. Some of us would consume fast food each day. They would eat buckets of fries, crispy fish and chicken. 

    The study has limits, though. The researchers considered race, education and lifestyle differences, as well as age. 

    Other factors may also play a role, such as a type of oil being used to fry. The researchers said that a prior study in Spain did not show any link between fried food and mortality. However, not all foods are fried equally. 

    Fried foods are consumed more often in a fast food restaurant than at home. But these fried foods are deep fried using corn oil. However, in Spain, fried foods are made at home and they are fried in olive oil, which is healthier.  

    After presenting their findings, the researchers concluded:

    “Frequent consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish, was associated with a higher risk of all cause and cardiovascular mortality in women in the US.”

    But the results do not apply to all populations. The study focused on women specifically from the US. They added, though, that this research identified a risk factor for heart mortality that can be modified through lifestyle. 

    The good thing is that you don’t need to consume fried foods, like fried chicken, fried fries, and fried chicken sandwich. 

    There are better, healthier alternatives to them that are great for your health and wellness

    Buzzfeed provided a long list of alternatives to fried foods. My favorite is definitely the Skinny Mozzarella sticks. What’s yours?

    A plate of Mozzarella sticks

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