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  • 5 Reasons Your Free Weight Loss Plan Isn’t Working

    Here are top reasons your free weight plan is not helping you get skinny fast.

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    Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    With so many weight loss supplements on the market that promised to help you get skinny fast, why is still so difficult to lose weight?

    There are those who have shed some pounds but only a few of them who have maintained a healthy weight after following a free weight loss plan.

    In this post, let us discuss about some of the reasons why people find it so difficult to achieve a healthy weight.

    When it comes to weight loss, it is important to understand that it is different from fat loss.

    Almost all free weight loss plans are aimed to lose water weight loss, but not fat loss. Because of that, a dramatic weight loss is achieved.

    Fat Loss

    Compared with five to ten pounds of water loss, losing five pounds of fats will dramatically change your appearance.

    In a beginning of a free weight loss program, it is better to also measure your body fats and waist circumference, instead of focusing on the scale.

    However, if your scale is still not moving and you do not fit better in your clothes, you might be missing something.

    Let us take a look at these reasons.

    1. Calorie Intake

    To burn fats and lose weight, a reliable free weight loss plan encourages followers to eat fewer calories.

    However, many dieters underestimated portion sizes. They also have trouble knowing the number of calories in foods.

    You can use online tracking apps. But not all of them are perfect.

    Even the most highly rated programs have understated calories as much as 40%. Thus, if you are not careful what you log, you may still end up gaining weight.

    2. Thyroid Problem

    Oprah Winfrey struggled to lose weight because of her hypothyroidism. When it was remedied, she has lost significant amount of weight.

    In addition to hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances can also make it difficult for you to lose weight.

    Having extra estrogen in the body can contribute to weight gain.

    Furthermore, high levels of stress hormones can cause you to gain weight by increasing your appetite.

    Thus, it is important to have your hormone levels checked.

    3. Medicines

    There are medicines that can directly and indirectly cause you to weight gain.

    Benadryl and other anti-histamines are known to cause weight gain. Other medicines, like anti-depressants and blood pressure medications can significantly cause weight gain, if they are used frequently.

    Go over your list of medications. If you think that one of them are affecting your ability to lose weight, talk to your doctor and ask for an alternative medication that will not affect your weight loss goal.

    4. Insufficient Exercise

    Some people think that when they walk a mile, they can burn 100 calories. As a result, they treat themselves with a piece of chocolate.

    But, are they really burning 100 calories when they walk for one mile or two?

    Or is it less than 100 calories?

    Eating a piece of chocolate after every exercise will only offset the calories you have burned during exercise.

    Thus, do not concentrate on how much you have burned. Instead, increase the number of hours you exercise per week while reducing your calorie intake.

    5. Slow Metabolism

    Did you know that prolonged periods of calorie reduction can cause your metabolism to slow down?

    When you go for a 600-calorie diet, you will lose weight rapidly. It is expected.

    However, the weight loss will slow down considerably after a few days or weeks. It may even stop because your body has already recognized the lack of food. As a result, it goes into conservation mode.

    To continue losing weight, you will further reduce calories.

    But this can be very detrimental to your health, especially if it is done for long-term. And you may need to go through an extended period of fixing your deranged metabolism.

    Thus, fitness experts do recommend taking it slow. Do not reduce your calorie intake drastically. If you are suffering from weight loss plateau, you need to assess your calorie intake.

    Then, make an effort to increase your metabolism.

    If it is still difficult for you to lose weight despite your efforts, you should consider getting the help of a medical doctor.

    You might have an underlying health condition that must be addressed first before you can lose weight successfully.


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