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  • Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Review

    What makes Fitbit Flex my favorite fitness tracker in 2015? Here are my reasons.

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    My brother just ordered Fitbix Flex on Amazon and I’m jealous. To find out more about this gadget, read the rest of my Fitbit Flex fitness tracker review.

    Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Review Fitbit Flex

    This is one of the fitness trackers I’d like to own. Based on its features, I think this is a hardworking fitness tracker that can monitor my daily exercise. With its additional functionalities, this device can encourage me to stay healthy.

    What I like most about this unit is that it doesn’t only count steps but it also gives you estimated amount of calories burned.

    When it comes to accuracy, this one stands out. And not just accuracy, it also topples other units for its comfort and usability. Because of that this is my first choice as a fitness device for 2015.

    Tracking Features

    They include the distance traveled and calories burned, as well as the number of steps taken.

    It also monitors food intake, sleep and weight.

    My mother will surely appreciate the sleep mode of this unit as it monitors the number of times she tosses and turns. Essentially, it calculates and estimates sleep quality.

    Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t have a built-in heart rate monitor. But some fitness trackers on the market do have trouble in giving out accurate heart rate.

    Although it accurately tracks your steps and other metrics, I think it’s having a hard time estimating for the number of calories burned while exercising or performing daily activities.

    However, this is one of the fitness trackers that offer the most accurate data.

    Unique Design

    What I like about its design is its tiny silver. Its length is more or less the same as my thumb and half the width.

    In the package, it has two bands. It’s easy to slide the tracker in the silicone band. So, I’ll have no trouble getting it in and out.

    It’s comfortable and lightweight. When on runs, it won’t make the wrist too sweaty. Plus, it won’t snag on my clothes.

    Although it’s water-resistant, it’s not waterproof.

    Its battery can last up to two weeks. Compared to the advertised length, it’s much longer. Unfortunately, you can only charge it from a computer. I hate its unpredictable charging patterns.

    No Screen

    There’s no screen on Fitbit Flex. But there are indicator lights that can show you if it’s fully charged.

    Like other fitness trackers, this, too, has vibrating alarms that remind you to exercise or wake up. Its badges can motivate you to be more active.

    However, if you’re like my sister who loves having full screen that she can interact with, then this Fitbit Flex isn’t for you. You can find other products with this feature.


    It’s easy to sync this fitness tracker to an app. You may use Bluetooth or USB connectivity. If you have Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can wirelessly sync its metrics with these devices. However, you need to be within 20 feet if you choose to sync it with your computer.

    With Fitbit Flex, you can put in your age, weight, height and the arm you like to wear it on. Plus, you can input your fitness goals.

    It also allows you to sync with MyFitnessPal and Lose It. then, it has the capacity to share your progress and show it to your social media accounts.


    Compared with Samsung Gear Fit (my friend has it), Fitbit Flex is a better fitness tracker because of its design. You can hardly notice that you’re wearing one. Plus, it’s easy to sync it with different devices.


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