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  • Elizabeth Taylor Used to Run a Safe House To Procure HIV Drugs and Be Given to HIV Patients

    A friend of Elizabeth Taylor revealed how the actress procured and distributed experimental HIV drugs in the 1990s in her Bel Aire Home.

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    Elizabeth Taylor Used to Run a Safe House To Procure HIV Drugs and Be Given to HIV Patients

    Elizabeth Taylor was a well-known heroine of activism for HIV/AIDS. In fact, she chaired the first US fundraiser for the disease. She also convinced former President Ronal Reagan to take the disease seriously.

    However, her HIV/AIDS efforts went further.

    Taylor used to run a Dallas Buyers Club-like that procured what was then illegal AIDS treatment drugs to be distributed from her Bel Air home during the 1990s.

    Her Bel Aire home was used as a safe house during the early stages of HIV treatments and infections. At that time, the infection was very much stigmatized.

    Although people would think that what she was doing was illegal, Elizabeth Taylor was actually saving lives.

    Despite the death threats that she received, Taylor had enough courage to continue the operation.

    She used her own money to procure those drugs. She would even sell her own jewelry just to obtain those HIV treatments that were still in their early stages.

    Taylor was aware that her operation was illegal and if she would get caught, she would be prosecuted.

    But she was not afraid.

    She was fearless.

    She would even go and see people with AIDS, without the media and the press. She hugged those patients who thought they could no longer feel human contact after the diagnosis.

    Elizabeth Taylor was just one of the most prominent advocates for research and treatment of HIV. It was in 1985 when she agreed to be the chairman of the first benefit event for AIDS. She also became the spokeswoman of the American Foundation for AIDS Research before she founded her own charity for HIV/AIDS.

    Indeed, Taylor wanted to use her fame for good.

    After some of her close friends died of HIV, she continued her efforts to spread the message about this disease. In the 1990s, she said that President Bush wasn’t doing anything about AIDS.

    The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation has already given millions of dollars to hundreds of organization in several countries around the world.


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