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  • Eczema And Diet – There Is A Connection

    Is there a connection between diet and eczema? This post will give you the answer and provide some foods to eat to prevent eczema.

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    There is a connection between eczema and diet. Since this skin condition can be a sign of intolerance to some natural chemicals in foods, you might want to avoid some foods that can make or trigger the inflammation.

    What foods to eat?

    Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids

    Salmon, trout, sardines, and herring are some of the best options that offer protection from eczema. The omega-3 content encourages new skin growth, prevents inflammation and stops skin conditions.

    In some studies about how to relieve symptoms and causes of eczema focused on fish oils, rather than on fish. These studies convinced dermatologists to emphasize the benefits of eating fish regularly. 1

    If you’re not fond of eating fresh salmon, you can try canned sardines. They’re still an excellent source of omega-3s. Opt to eat up to three servings of fatty fish per week. You can eat fresh fish for lunch twice a week and consume a sandwich of canned salmon or tun.

    Unfortunately, some people are allergic to fish as it can worsen symptoms of eczema. If you’re prone to allergies, you must work with a dietitian to determine whether or not fish is a trigger.

    Oolong tea

    It tastes like black tea, and it’s more bitter than green tea. In Japan, patients suffering from eczema but consume three cups of this day reported feeling relief from itchiness after a week. Their condition also continued to improve.

    The researchers posited that the polyphenols in this tea aided in repairing the skin. The tannins in this tea might also help in reducing inflammation.

    To help relieve your eczema, you may wish to drink three cups of oolong tea every day. Steep it in hot water for three minutes.


    It contains beneficial bacteria that can provide benefits to your immune system. The probiotics in it affect inflammation and stimulate your body to produce white blood cells to prevent the body from overreacting to allergens.

    Studies showed that probiotics are vital for infants and children as their immune system is still developing. The most beneficial strains of bacteria would include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. 2

    The recommended daily intake for it is up to two 150-g tubs a day.

    Natural Supplements

    If you can’t take this food in their natural form, you may opt to consume them as a natural supplement.

    Probiotics supplement

    Several studies suggested that babies with eczema could benefit from daily probiotic supplements. But scientists agreed to remove cow’s milk from their diets first.

    Researchers theorized that the good bacteria help in establishing a strong immune system while the child is developing. But probiotics are also effective in older kids.

    When supplementing your babies with a probiotic powder, make sure to check with your pediatrician. Breastfeeding mothers might take one million-count capsule that contains those good bacteria twice a day.


    omega 3 fatty acids natural supplements at davao online health and weigth loss shop

    Because it’s challenging to encourage kids to eat fish, it would be helpful to introduce omega-3 fatty acids through fish-oil capsules. In this way, they can consume enough omega-3s per day to ensure their skin inflammation can be prevented.

    Adults must take four capsules of 1-gram fish-oil per day. When you purchase an omega-3 supplement, make sure that the brand contains EPA.

    To notice positive effects, however, you may need to take it for 12 weeks. Furthermore, it may be easier for children to consume it if the supplement is in liquid or chewable form. Look for omega-3 fatty acids formulated for kids.

    Since there is a connection between eczema and diet, make sure to avoid the following:

    Cows’ milk, soy, nuts, and eggs

    They are trigger foods that can cause allergic reactions to kids who are susceptible to allergies. These food options are known to worsen eczema.

    To know what foods can trigger your skin condition, you may need to follow an elimination diet. It cuts out the allergens for two weeks. After that, you reintroduce them to your diet to find out whether or not they can trigger body reaction.

    Never try eliminating some foods from your diet on your own. Talk to a dietitian first. In that way, you can obtain accurate results. It’ll also ensure that you are not limiting your foods for no reason.


    Some patients with eczema have dramatic symptoms when they consume coffee. It could be that their body considers caffeine as an irritant. The salicylate in coffee may also cause your skin to be sensitive. If you think that coffee is a trigger, you may try to eliminate it from your diet for at least three weeks to determine whether or not it is a trigger food.

    Red meat

    Red meat has fatty acids that can promote inflammation. That said, it might be ideal for you to limit your fatty meat intake when your skin is flaring up.

    TLDR; Is there a connection between eczema and diet?

    There is indeed a connection between eczema and diet. That’s why you must avoid those foods mentioned above while following the food prescription listed.


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