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  • Eating Healthy on a Budget – Tips for a 6-Week Weight Loss Plan

    Eating healthy on a budget is possible. Simply follow these tips to help you get started with your 6-week weight loss plan.

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    Eating healthy on a budget to help you get started with your 6-week weight loss journey can be quite tricky. This is especially true if you’re fond of buying those cheap grain products, low quality meats, and other unhealthy food items.

    Sometimes, you might end up having a hefty grocery bill. Worse. You won’t be sticking to your new healthy diet.

    We, at Vim Chi, encourage our readers to start eating healthy choices and get rid of unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, we present you the following tips on how to start a healthy diet without having to spend thousands just so you can achieve your ideal weight through a 6-week weight loss diet.

    Make a plan

    It’s possible to eat healthy on a budget without overspending by making a plan and writing your list of food items to buy. To further help you with your 6-week weight loss plan, you need to plan what you’re going to eat for the week.

    On your grocery list, you must only include items that you’ll use for the meals you’re going to prepare for the week. This will surely prevent you from buying things that you don’t need.

    Avoid purchasing products

    Instead, choose to buy the raw ingredients. Eating healthy on a budget requires you to avoid purchasing pre-packaged meals.

    If you’re following, say, a Paleo diet, you might be tempted to purchase those pre-made meals. But these meals can cost you an arm and a leg.

    On the other hand, if you opt to cook from scratch, you’ll surely save more money and shed some pounds for your 6-week weight loss diet.

    Avoiding pre-made meals is also beneficial because you can prevent eating food items with high amount of preservatives, additives and artificial sweeteners. All of these can hurt your ability to lose weight within 6 weeks or less.

    Choose versatile ingredients

    Eating healthy on a budget is also possible by purchasing ingredients that you can use for several dishes. If you need spices, Vim Chi recommends purchasing fresh garlic, Indian seasoning and other spices that can be used for several dishes, rather than spices for one use.

    Do you need oil? Go for olive oil or butter.

    Frozen veggies are also a great option for a 6-week weight loss diet. Don’t worry. They’re as nutritious as their fresh counterparts. They can also be preserved for a longer period of time as they have longer shelf life.

    Vim Chi discourages purchasing of exotic ingredients if you want to start eating healthy on a budget. These types of ingredients can only be used once or twice and you’ll find them sitting on your pantry for months.

    Stick to your list

    When you buy groceries, it’s best to do it if you’re not hungry. This is because you can prevent purchasing items you don’t need.

    Always stick to your list of items that you need for a 6-week weight loss plan.

    Then, don’t go to aisles that don’t display items not included on your list. This will also prevent you from being tempted of getting things that can only hurt your ability of eating healthy on a budget.

    Prepare meals in bulk  

    At Vim Chi, we love cooking in bulk as it can save us time and money. You can just re-heat leftovers using an oven. This is especially useful if you’re living on your own.

    Bear in mind that buying single-serve food items can be a huge problem. However, when you start to cook in bulk, you no longer need to cook every morning.

    You can prepare multiple servings of one meal, like stew or soup. Freeze it and use it later.

    Don’t worry about spoilage. As long as you have your own fridge at home, you can re-heat your meal, thereby, saving time with cooking.

    Check for coupons

    Coupons can surely help you save money. So, before you head out and have grocery shopping, stop and look for coupons using a local paper.

    Or you can go to several websites that offer coupons and provide best deals for things that you need.

    If you’re like some people, who don’t like printing those coupons to save money, you can go to those sites that can automatically upload coupons to your rewards’ cards. This will cut the hassle of printing and presenting coupons.

    Check for deals and discounts

    They’re great for your plan of eating healthy on a budget. Consider going to a discount grocery store. SM, for instance, has special deals on certain items. Thus, do check them if one or some of the items on your grocery list are available at discounted rates.

    Then, go ahead and take advantage of loyalty cards. And always use them when purchasing items from that store. You’ll earn certain points each time you use your card. At NCCC, for instance, they tally up your points, which can surely add up to hundreds of pesos within a month. The savings can be redeemed later on.

    Eliminate the extras

    Have you tried using a grocery shopping app? There are tons of these types of app at Apple Store. Use one of them to help you review your food spending for one month. From there, you can find out unnecessary splurges and you’ll know if you’re going overboard with your budget.

    For instance, if your unnecessary spending includes mug and water bottle, why not try refilling an empty bottle before leaving the house. You’re not only helping yourself to start eating healthy on a budget for your 6-week weight loss plan but you’re also helping the environment by using a reusable water bottle.

    Avoid expensive cuts of meat

    If you’re fond of buying filet mignon, for instance, you must start skipping it. Instead, opt for cheaper cuts, like chuck roast and brisket.

    They’re not only rich in nutrients but they’re also the most tender cuts of meat when you opt to cook-slow them. These cuts can save you a few hundred pesos yet they offer enormous nutritional benefits.

    Buy in bulk  

    Yes, you can easily eat healthy even if you’re on a budget by buying in bulk. Vim Chi recommends trying to purchase groceries at S&R. The company encourages buying in bulk to save money.

    However, the USDA reminds everyone who’s following a 6-week weight loss plan to be mindful when buying food items in bulk. Make sure that you only include items that don’t go bad easily.

    Items that you must never buy in bulk are perishable ones. You must only purchase them in small amounts so you can consume them all before they spoil.

    However, some perishables can be obtained in bulk. These items are meat, fish, bread and other items that you can freeze and thaw later.

    Avoid brand names  

    This, too, can also help you eat healthy on a budget. Bear in mind that some similar products are a lot cheaper than their brand-name counterparts. These products only include the essential features, minus the flashy packaging.

    By opting for non-branded items, you can keep your overall spending low as these items don’t have to spend millions of money just to entice customers to buy their products.

    Buy items in season  

    Some fresh fruits and veggies that are in season are usually cheaper than when you purchase them during other times of the year. Apple, for instance, is cheaper during Christmas season. This is a perfect time for you to grab a few pieces of apple for your eating healthy on a budget diet.

    Instead of going to a grocery store, shop at a local farmer’s market. You can find there tons of fresh and seasonal produce.

    Practice having meatless day

    USDA, too, recommends individuals who are following a 6-week weight loss diet to try having a meatless day each week. It can be any day. But to help you remember it, you can opt for a meatless Sunday. This won’t only improve your health but it’ll also help you save money on not buying meat.

    You can try substituting meat meals with peas or protein-rich veggies. Go for sweet potatoes as meat replacement.

    To further help you with your goal, you can prepare salads and tacos. Stuff them with beans and cheese. In this way, your meatless day isn’t at all a burden.


    Well, here you go. Here are Vim Chi’s top tips for eating healthy on a budget. These tips aren’t only useful in helping you save money but they’re also great for your 6-week weight loss journey.

    These tips only show that eating healthy food items without spending a lot is possible. Of course, choosing healthier grains than opting for conventional products is more expensive. However, with the help of these tips, you no longer have to spend more on your food.

    Some of these tips are quite difficult to follow. And that’s expected. However, if you truly want to stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals, you must work hard to stay in control of your spending. As the days go by, you’ll realize that they’ve become a part of your life and you don’t want to go back to your old habit.

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