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  • E-Cigarettes without Nicotine Can Still Affect Blood Vessels (Study)

    E-cigarettes, even without nicotine, may still affect blood vessels? How? Find out more in this post and ken how to quit smoking naturally.

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    a woman vaping not knowing that electronic cigarette is not a safer alternative to tobacco cigarette

    E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity amongst those who wish to quit smoking. In the US, over 12% of adults tried vaping at least once in their lives. Then, nearly 4% of adults are using e-cigarettes regularly.  

    Less Harmful Alternative to Tobacco-Based Cigarettes 

    One of the factors that make vaping popular is that advertisers are proving it as a less harmful choice to conventional cigarettes. 

    Unfortunately, the long-term effects of e-cigarette use are not yet known. More research is necessary. 

    In the latest study published in the journal, Radiology, the researchers studied the short-term effects of e-cigarettes. The lead author of the study, Alessandra Caporale, and her colleagues stated that the scans of the participants had reduced blood flow in their femoral artery. These participants took 16 puffs that lasted for three seconds per puff. 

    The femoral artery is the chief artery in the body that delivers blood to the leg and thigh. The participants also experienced reduced reactive hyperemia. Thus, the researchers concluded: 

    “Inhaling nicotine-free electronic cigarette aerosol transiently impacted endothelial function in healthy nonsmokers. Further studies are needed to address the potentially adverse long-term effects on vascular health.”

    The researchers said that e-cigars may not contain the same toxic elements from tobacco. But the solvents, additives, and flavorings in the liquid base may still harm the respiratory tract and blood vessels. 

    How to Quit Smoking Naturally

    Smoking addiction is difficult to overcome. E-cigarettes were once touted as safer alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. But they, too, come with side effects. 

    Don’t fret. There are still ways to overcome this addiction and improve your health and wellness. 

    1.) Acupuncture

    It is a natural therapy that has been around for thousands of years. In a study, acupuncture showed to be effective and safe in helping smokers quit. The researchers noted that the number of cigars that the participants smoked had decreased. 

    But smokers had to undergo various sessions to make this natural therapy a success. Most of them received at least 8 sessions in the first month. 

    2.) St. John’s Wort 

    Although it is known to treat depression naturally, researchers are now looking into its role to stop smoking addiction. However, the results of the studies are mixed. Some studies said that only a few people have managed to quit successfully while they were taking St. John’s Wort. 

    But in one study, researchers found that St. John’s Wort could help in depression associated with smoking. 

    3.) Change Your Lifestyle 

    Your ability to stop smoking will depend on your lifestyle. Hence, health and wellness experts recommend lifestyle modification. 

    Start by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits each day. You must also limit your sugar and caffeine consumption as they can increase your blood acidity that can increase withdrawal symptoms. 

    Practice deep breathing or meditation techniques, like yoga. Yoga has plenty of health benefits. 

    There are different styles of yoga. To check them out, you may read our post about the types of yoga that provide health benefits. Please click the link to direct you to such post where we feature different styles with their health benefits. 


    E-cigarettes turned out to be not safer alternatives to tobacco smoking since they showed to affect blood vessels. Still, the best ways to quit smoking is to do it naturally. Acupuncture, St. John’s Wort and changing your lifestyle can help you get started. 

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