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  • Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

    Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight? Is it a good alternative to weight loss surgery? Find out here.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

    Apple cider vinegar – Weight Loss Role

    We received a lot of questions regarding the role of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in losing weight. Does it really help you lose weight and slim down?

    Before we get into topic of apple cider vinegar and its role in the weight loss industry, let’s first discuss about the many benefits of ACV.

    ACV is beneficial in helping you treat warts, nausea, headache, and hair loss, among others. It can also be used as a part of a skin care regimen. You may add it to your balanced diet. You can even use it as a household cleaner.

    As regards to its role in the weight loss department, it turns out that this vinegar may assist you with weight loss and avoid weight loss surgery. But it won’t directly help you lose weight.

    What it does is that it only lowers your blood sugar levels. Lowering its level encourages weight loss.

    In a study published by the Journal of Functional Foods, researchers reported that those who drank a tablespoon of it with water had lower glucose levels in the blood than those who didn’t consume such.

    How does apple cider vinegar assist you to lose weight?

    By lowering your blood sugar levels, your appetite becomes suppressed. The organic acids in this vinegar interfere with your system’s ability to digest starch.

    As a result of apple cider vinegar’s ability to block the starch from being digested, it does help you lose weight. By blocking it, some contents of the starch won’t be broken down into calories. This will cause a positive effect to your current weight.

    Other studies also showed that those who consume two teaspoons of ACV before they ate a bagel had lower blood sugar.

    In a Japanese study, researchers also noticed that those who consume ACV regularly have lower body weight and weight circumference. Their serum triglycerides level is also low.

    Should you choose to use apple cider vinegar for your 6-week weight loss plan?

    If you don’t have a problem taking high-acid foods, then by all means, take it. However, you shouldn’t be drinking too much of it just to obtain its benefits of being a great alternative to weight loss surgery.

    How often should you take it?

    You just need 2 tablespoons of it and add it to a glass of water.

    Then, drink it before each meal. It’s ideal to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

    If you’re just getting started, you may only add 1 teaspoon of this vinegar to a glass of water. Then, take it before breakfast.

    At first, you won’t like the taste of it. But, as soon as you make it a part of your balanced diet for a few days or weeks, you can get used to its dull taste.

    Once you get used to its taste, you may increase it to 2 teaspoon. You may also increase the frequency of drinking.

    What’s great about apple cider vinegar in losing weight is that you can easily add a few drops of honey to taste. Or you can add it to your tea.

    You should go slowly. Don’t overwhelm your body as you won’t obtain the benefits of ACV as a method to lose weight.

    Is it normal to feel an increase urge to visit the bathroom?

    It is normal as you’re drinking water with the ACV. This is also normal as your body is trying to eliminate toxins.

    You’ll also notice that you feel better as ACV can also help the nutrients of the food you’re taking to be properly absorbed by your body. This will result in getting higher energy levels.

    When should you stop taking apple cider vinegar as part of your weight loss regimen?

    You may stop taking it if you no longer want to use it. But, keep in mind that the effects of taking this natural weight loss surgery alternative may also be lost once you stop using it.


    ACV is a natural product. With that being said, you shouldn’t expect it to provide you with immediate weight loss results. Essentially, you need to wait for a few weeks to months before you even notice a difference to your body.

    Despite its slow rate of shedding some pounds, the results are steady.

    How much weight would you lose by taking apple cider vinegar as an alternative to weight loss surgery may depend on your body mass index. It’s difficult to predict the speed of losing weight. However, you can be sure that you’ll lose about 4 pounds in a month.

    But your body may react to ACV positively that you’ll notice a loss of weight faster than others.

    Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight even if you continue eating junk foods?

    ACV may suppress your appetite to encourage weight loss and prevent undergoing weight loss surgery. However, you must also control your cravings of junk foods.

    In fact, advocates of apple cider vinegar recommend changing your diet to achieve your weight loss results with the help of this vinegar. If you don’t follow a balanced diet, ACV and other natural weight loss surgery alternative options will become useless.

    Maximizing its effects

    If you think that losing a pound of weight for a month is slow, you can try maximizing its effects by exercising. Exercise is a good way to burn some calories. A 20-minute run 7 days a week can make a difference.

    And if you exercise regularly as part of your 6-week weight loss plan, you can lose more weight as exercise encourages higher metabolism. With that being said, your body can burn more fats and help you lose weight with the help of apple cider vinegar.

    In addition to exercising, it’s also ideal to eat banana to reduce your stress levels. Keep in mind that stress is a big influence on your bigger waistline. By lowering your stressors, you can eat in moderation.

    You must also be eating less sugar. If you have higher glucose content in your blood, you’ll have more cravings.

    Where to find apple cider vinegar?

    Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

    Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

    You can easily find it in a grocery store. But not all ACVs on the market are created equal. So, it’s best to choose a product with 5% acidity. This is the same type of vinegar that you’ll find in a salad vinegar or dressing.

    Or you can just make your own ACV. This will make sure that you will have an organic apple. What you’ll need to do is to gather a variety of apples.

    Then, make a cider out of ripe apples by crushing and straining their juice. Adding a yeast can help ferment the solution. If you do use yeast, you must only use a small amount of it. Keep in mind that fermentation takes about a week or a few months to change the sugar into alcohol.

    After that, filter the resulting vinegar with the use of a coffee filter or cheesecloth. And you have that organic apple cider vinegar to assist you in losing weight naturally.  

    Store it in a place with a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum temp should be 80. Going higher or lower than that will prevent the yeast to ferment.

    When finding a container, you must only use plastic, wood or glass. Do not store it in a metal container


    Drinking apple cider vinegar is an effective alternative to weight loss surgery option. But it does come with side effects.

    Since it contains acetic acid, just like any other types of vinegar, you may hurt your throat. This is why you need to add water to it. Don’t drink it in its concentrated form.

    If you don’t like drinking it, you can add it to your salad. It doesn’t only make the taste of your salad palatable but it also helps you feel full. This will also make your salad healthier.

    Is weight loss the only benefit of apple cider vinegar?

    As previously mentioned, this type of vinegar offers a lot of healthy benefits. Since it contains anti-oxidants, ACV can help clear your skin. At least, this is what some Hollywood stars are claiming.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

    Vegetable Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

    Another great thing about it is that it can motivate you to eat more vegetable salads. Because of its taste when added to a vegetable or fruit salad, you can eat more of it, rather than craving for junk foods. It may add tangy flavor but it has lower calories. This means that it won’t hurt your waistline.

    Does apple cider vinegar supplement help you lose weight?

    A supplement consisting of ACV is the same as the fresh one. It can still help you curb your appetite, thereby, allowing you to shed some pounds.

    However, you must know that ACV may still interact with the medicines you’re taking. If you’re taking diuretics or medicines for diabetes, you need to consult your physician before you start adding this vinegar to your so-called balanced diet.


    Despite its benefits for weight loss, you shouldn’t expect miracles. It may block some starches but it won’t help you lose 5 kilograms in a week. Unlike weight loss surgery, the effects take a lot of time to become noticeable.

    So be patient about it.

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