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  • Deadly Flu Virus Creation – Should We Be Concerned?

    The benefits and cons of the deadly flu virus creation. Why it must be done? Will it destroy us?

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    Deadly Flu Virus Creation

    Medical researchers have announced about the deadly flu virus creation.This new strain will be more infectious to humans. Although it may cause an alarm, the reason for such is beneficial to humans.

    The leader in this medical quest, Ron Fouchier, said that the experiment is “necessary and should be done.” He added that the benefits of this experiment will outweigh potential harm.

    Why Deadly Flu Virus Creation Should be Done?

    • According to Ron, this will help scientists in understanding how flu virus works.
    • The deadly flu virus experiment will demonstrate how flu virus mutates.
    • It’ll provide a new strain that may create new, effective medications.
    • This experiment will further help the government to act in advance in case of a pandemic. In that way, future deaths can be prevented.

    The cons

    Although it’s beneficial for the prevention of future pandemic, the experiment is viewed as too dangerous that it may cause a pandemic itself.

    Another concern about this experiment is the fact that the deadly flu virus may fall in the hands of the terrorists providing a weapon of bioterrorism.

    Should you be concerned?

    This experiment of creating a deadly flu virus must not be taken lightly. It’ll be beneficial to a lot of people, only if the correct results are obtained. Now, when such virus will be produced, who will have access to it? Keep in mind that such virus may have the potential to be used by criminals. If this experiment would push through, the government must limit the publication of lethal formula and monitor the shipment of the samples.



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